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  1. A nice set of beaded flies arrived in the mail today, great job guys and thanks for hosting! The size 20 midges a few of you tied up were rather impressive :thumbsup:
  2. Personally I treat any commitment made to a swap the same way I would treat any other commitments made in life, quiet seriously. If I agree to meet a client and didn't show I would probably lose his business. When you join a swap you are giving your word to the other swappers to have your flies in on time, if a guy can't keep his word what good is he? IMHO any flies received after the due date should automatically be returned to sender.
  3. An awesome looking bunch of flies arrived in the mail yesterday. Thanks for hosting Mickalo, well worth the wait and I hope you host another. Although all the flies were fantastic I was really impressed with fishingbobnelson's Elk Hair Yellow Sally, and FrequentTyer's BulletHead Letort cricket. :thumbup:
  4. Here's my take on the old salmon pattern called "Garry", also known as the Ministers dog or Gary Dog. It was said that this pattern was named after a Ministers golden retriever who's hair was used as wing material. Traditionally tied in smaller sizes I opted for a bigger hook so that I could try it out on some winter steelhead. Hook: Tiemco 7999 Size 1/0 Tag: Fine oval silver tinsel, yellow floss Tail: Golden pheasant crest Body: Black flashabou Rib: Medium oval silver tinsel Throat: Blue hackle Wing: Yellow over fluorescent red bucktail
  5. Lately I've been tying some sculpin patterns , this one by Al Troth came from the book Flies of the Northwest. Although I believe it was intended for trout I think it would make a good steelhead pattern as well. (The original wasn't weighted but I've wrapped the hook with lead to help get it down.) Hook: TMC 700 size 8 Tail: White polar bear, natural bucktail, black marabou Body: Cream sculpin wool Collar: Deer hair Throat: Red deer hair Head: Spun and clipped deer hair
  6. All those look like they would work for pinks, my favorite would be the third one. I've found it best to keep pink patterns fairly sparse. One of my all time favorite pink patterns for river fishing is a small clouser tied with cherise and white bucktail, last pink season they ate them up!
  7. Well the due date was nearly a month ago, just wondering if our swapmeister has found the time yet to get our flies in the mail?
  8. Mine arrived yesterday as well, great looking box of sculpins guys! Thanks again for hosting flytyinfreak, and also thanks for helping with the shipping.
  9. Lately I've been experimenting with a few of these. This pattern comes from a book called" Flies of the Northwest". The original recipe calls for a black floss body, I've used flashabou instead.
  10. Created by Al Knudson for cutthroat trout this pattern is also effective for steelhead. Here's my variation. Tag: Flat silver tinsel Tail: Red hackle fibers Body: Yellow Llama fiber Rib: Flat silver holographic tinsel Hackle: Red Wing: Red polar bear under white polar bear
  11. Interesting variation thanks for sharing. The original pattern tied by Joe Kambeitz had green glass eyes, sparse orange bucktail for the tail and he used fluorescent orange surveyors tape for the shell back.
  12. Address please. I've got a dozen "Skip-Back" nymphs in a size 12 toe tagged and ready for the mail.
  13. "I'm Eco friendly" If there is still room I would love to join.
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