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  1. I'll be be ready, what time will you be swinging by to get me? it's only an extra couple thousand miles out of your way so no biggie 😁
  2. Some nice healthy looking bream there.
  3. I don't think we have a lot of them here in Michigan, but I did see one that was about 30" range a few years back in the Clinton river when I was steelhead fishing one late spring. Looked to be a spotted gar best I could tell. Neat looking fish for sure.
  4. Nice carp & gar. I have caught big carp on the fly, but never a gar. That's one I would like to get on the fly some day.
  5. Thanks guys. I hope it gets even better where I don't even notice/think about it, but honestly in comparison to how it was I am just very grateful that it has at least improved to the level that it currently is at. Having dealt with it the way it was the first 4-6 weeks, I honestly have so much empathy for those that have it where it never gets quieter at all.
  6. Well I am happy to say things are getting better. Very slowly, but for sure better than they were. It's been 2 months now since this all started and as of now for the past 3-4 days I would say it is about 80%-85% quieter in volume than it was 2 months ago. Now I pretty much only notice it when it's quiet, or when I think about it, which my mind still thinks a lot about it but as time goes on OI know that will change. It's still there somewhat, just at a much lower volume and more of a real high pitch faint background noise. But far better than when it first started and I laid in bed wondering how I would live another 20 yrs with that unbearable loud sound in my head. Been feeling so much better the past week I went ahead and made my reservations for my annual 2 week alone trout trip in June
  7. That's interesting. Because our waters here in the Great Lakes are overrun with zebra mussles but we don't see red ears anywhere near that size. I wonder if zebra mussles don't taste as good as quagga mussles πŸ˜†
  8. Was just looking to see what the previous world record red ear sunfish was, it was a 5.8lb one caught from that very same lake the new 6.3lb one was caught in. I wonder what the reason they get so big in that lake is? 😲
  9. I think most guys that do it, do it to make the fish "look" bigger, because there's really no reason to do it other than that. I've always thought it just took away from an otherwise nice picture/fish. Kind'a the same way I would compare some pictures of beautiful women that have been photo-shopped/airbrushed. A beautiful woman doesn't need to have assistance in looking good, just like a big fish doesn't need help looking big. Just how I have always felt about the whole arms length pic thing.
  10. Most of you know over the past few years I try to offer specials on the Euro nymphing rods I offer through my business (Midwest Custom Fly Rods). Normally I do them as pre-orders but I have had a few guys asking if/when I plan to do the next one since it's been a few months. With an upcoming extended fishing trip I have planned and the current work load of orders I am going to do this a bit different. I'll be offering around 3 to 6 (no more than that right now) rods as I get them done at the sale price of $145 again. These will be offered done as in pics and ready to ship the day after each is sold. With the short time window I have before my trip I can't take special orders like normal this time, so you will be buying the rod pictured. This will be first come first dibs. Above rod is $145+actual shipping shipped UPS with tracking & insurance. It's 10' 3wt 4pc with rosewood burl reel seat, custom burl cork reverse half wells grip, deep garnet red main wraps with metallic gold trim wraps, hook keeper and comes with rod sock.
  11. Still pretty close to it. I'm at 215 lbs now and that's a pretty good weight for my 6'4" height so I am eating about 1600-1700 per day now and able to pretty much maintain my weight at that number so far. This week I've dropped another 1/2-1lb so if I keep losing slowly then I'll probably bump up the calories a bit more to about 2,000 per day.
  12. Mike you feelin' okay? πŸ˜†Where did someone say anything about keeping a fish? Unless I missed something all that was said was that holding fish out to make them look bigger isn't a good way to take a pic is all.
  13. Yeah saw that yesterday and at first I almost doubted it was real because it was so big, blew my mind, that is a pig! Totally agree about holding the fish at arm length. I hate that. All is does is make any fish (even nice ones) seem smaller because it make the proportions of the fish hard to tell how big is actually is.
  14. 12' 5/6wt spey I just finished up as a gift for a friend/fishing buddy so I can teach him how to skagit spey fish with me on an upcoming trip North. Olive green metallic blank with royal blue main wraps and metallic silver trim. All burl cork grips and carbon fiber reel seat.
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