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  1. It's done by controlling it when its in the air. If you notice on some of the jumps the tires stop turning all the sudden/slow down while its in mid air, that's me hitting the brakes to bring the nose down to land nice and flat. It's a tricky thing to learn and I still have some where I grab too much brake and nose dive, or hit the throttle too hard at the lip of the ramp and then it goes vertical. And that is not a good landing when 50lbs comes crashing done on the tail of the chassis 😬
  2. It would go right through that PVC fence 😄
  3. Most valuable was probably the Shimano Stella reel on a G loomis rod (spin setup) I found next to the dirt road that lead to the boat access by our cabin many years ago. Most likely the owner had it sitting too high in his boat while going up the road, and a tree limb prob hook on and pulled it out of his boat. I tried to find the owner but this was back before the internet was big, so outside of a note at the launch and talking to the local bait shop I never was able to find the owner.
  4. Brought the big boy out today for a bit. First real time getting the 1/5 scale out this spring but was cut short by a blown bevel gear in the diff, knew it was going bad so have to swap a new one in now. If you notice the leaning spruce tree near the end of the vid, a 51lb truck can knock a tree right out of the ground. Now I have to fix a gear, and a tree 😆
  5. Last rod out of the shop before we shut down for the month of June to do some fishing. This one is a 10wt, window style seat, burl cork grip & butt, royal blue & white wraps on an aqua blue blank.
  6. Yep you can totally control it in the air with the throttle & brake. The instant power of the brushless motor to the big tires makes it easy to control. More throttle makes the nose go up and tap the brakes to make the nose go down. Now that the cars are gone it looks bigger back there. That open area is like you are thinking, right in line with the driveway.
  7. Just a beautiful day outside today so had to get this one out for a lil' run on a dirt ramp I have started making.
  8. Spent the afternoon working on another of my bonsai tress. This one is my Juniper. Little before & after pic. It started out as a nursery stock hedge juniper about 6 years ago when I bought it and have been training it since then. I pruned, wired, and re potted it today and really love the direction this one is going. The one pic is to show how you get them in a shallow bonsai pot. You can see how flat it is out of the pot. To get that you repot it when you get it on top of a flat brick after you start root pruning it. Each year you take it out, prune the roots, and replant it on the brick so the roots grow sideways rather than down. Just got it into a proper bonsai pot now today. I also built a gate for the entrance of the bonsai garden. Now I don't have to see anyone, truly a happy place for an introvert like myself. DO have to get one more board for the far right side though. Before After 😁
  9. Great to see ya post bud. Rest up and feel better soon 👍
  10. Pretty stream and nice lookin' brookies.
  11. Not yet. Hopefully it's just the normal slow hospital stuff and maybe he just isn't back home yet and settled in. Hopefully we'll see an update form him this week.
  12. Thanks. This one is all 100% brush work.
  13. SPARTANS....TONIGHT WE DINE IN HELL!!! Latest 3D printed project I have been working on. Just finished painting him up. Made the base and the larger step out of cardboard wrapped in masking tape then covered with bondo and then did it in a diorama style of terrain. This will look right at home in the theater room with the rest of my stuff I have printed/painted
  14. Spent the morning working on this English Yew bonsai. I have been working on this one for about the past 5 years, its really starting to get a good look to it this year.
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