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  1. Well it's been at least 6 days since I last ordered a new gun/upper... So tonight, I ordered a 7.62 upper Ya know...I'm kind'a thinkin, I might have a problem. Hi, My name is Steve, I have an issue.... lol
  2. Well it's here....Thats gonna be a spicy meatball lol
  3. Well I ordered a new toy tonight. I have been wanting to build a big bore AR rifle for a long time now. I have an AR10/308 I built last year, but by big bore I mean a real "thumper" of a caliber. I have been starting machining my own AR lowers lately, and just finished my latest one. So decided to finally do it. I have been looking at maybe 458socom,450bushmaster, and 50beowulf. Tonight I just ordered a 10.5" 50beowulf upper for this latest build. It's gonna be a real thumper. For those that don't know a 50cal rifle rd size....this is a pic of normal 223/556 in a mag next to 50beowulf. It has not even shipped yet, and yet my shoulder already hurts ๐Ÿ˜„
  4. Figured I would pop in and put a bunch of recent rod work that I have been doing all in one post.These are a bunch of rods that have come off the bench over the past 5 weeks or so now. Wide variety off the bench lately. Everything from 1wt to 8wt, 6'6" to 11', and even a couple ice rods.
  5. Thanks guys. Greg, now you found me out damnit lol. I AM THE OVERLORD of my tiny world which I call Stevetopia๐Ÿ˜„ Well, you guys know me. No matter if I'm here daily or monthly, I will never change, I just can't leave anything alone. So during a bit of a break yesterday I decided to build a new gun storage wall. Have been needing a new wall because I am running out of room, but the only open spot was the 6x4ft wall that had an access door for the house water shut off. So I had to get creative. I built a slatwall for storage onto a 2x4 framework, then hinged it to 3 heavy duty hinges. That way I can have guns stored on it, yet swing it open if needed to access the shut off. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inCtOk2zlH0
  6. That sounds beautiful. I love the look of a nice sporting over/under. They just ooze class ๐Ÿ˜Ž One of these days I will finally pick me up a nice O/U to do some trap shooting. My buddy I shoot with at the club does a lot of that and has been wanting me to get into it with him.
  7. Their red labels are nice. Wouldn't mind having one of those myself that's for sure. Far as why they got out of the shotgun sales, from what I heard/read it was mostly due to poor sales. In the past 10-12yrs the shotgun market has exploded with offerings from a huge variety of manufactures from overseas. It's really crazy just how many various shotguns are on the market now a days. Some of the imported ones from places such as Turkey are actually quite nice for dirt cheap. I have a couple Turkish 12g's that I paid under $300 for and they have been great guns surprisingly. Their stuff was nice for sure, but I think it just got hard to sell a large number of guns that cost around 2K in a market saturated with so many offerings. Seems like they have been focusing on other more affordable/higher sales guns lately. One of their latest is a new PCC which from what I hear has been selling like hotcakes.
  8. Hey guys. Have not been around in a bit. Been busy busy busy with rods, uhg, and also tryin to have some time to do some fun stuff like work on the gun room, and been doing range days a lot with friends lately. Have lots of new updates to the gun room such as many new AR builds, and just recently built an "ammo storage" room onto the gun room.
  9. Yep I have not had a cell phone since the old Nokia ones 20 yrs ago with "snake" as the only game. I hate cell phones. IMO they are to blame for a huge part of the degradation of society. So I gave them up. I just have a landline. If anyone wants me, they call and my phone rings and if I am not home then my answering machine pics up. IMO nothing is so important that I need to be on call 24/7 like a cell phone (leash /gps tracker) is.
  10. I'll still stop in from time to time, and I'll post pics of my yearly Au Sable trip and such. Prob dump a bunch of rod pics every once in a while in one post rather than weekely postings. Just honestly trying to step away from spending so much time on the computer is a big part of it. I don't use cell phones like most people, I'm old fashion that way, so I have to sit down at the PC to get online and I am just trying to make it where I don't have to do that as much so I can spend more time away from the screen. So I'll still pop in here & there, but just not anywhere near as much as normal. Thanks guys.
  11. I just want to let you all know, after 25yrs or so...and yep, it has been that long. From day one of helping Will start this site. Its been fun, been work over the years, but I and "we " have done it out of love. Anyway... I made a decision tonight. I ran this by Norm earlier to made sure he was okay with it.... have been thinking about this for quite a while now. I think I have came to the decision that I have been here a bit too long. Seriously, I just don't really enjoy the site like I use to for the past 20+ yrs. And maybe that's the reason, I have been here 20+ yrs. I am old fashioned and I don't use the internet like most do, I don't use cell phones, gave them up 20 yrs ago, and online I don't have more than maybe 4-6 websites I enjoy. Even though I have been here since day 1 with Will, I just don't really enjoy coming here like I use to. My rod posts don't get much interaction, my "projects" I post in the lodge don't get much interaction, and good forbid I post in the gun section lol. Anyway. I love you guys, and I still love this site. Over 20+ yrs ...maybe even 25 yrs now? It's hard not to love the site. But I am to the point where I don't really "enjoy" it as much as I use too over the years. So I am for the most part, letting you guys know I am stepping aside. Norm has been doing a great job since I brought him on board, and he seems like he handles things just like I would myself, eveything he runs by me ahead of time I think, yup, that's how I would handle it. So I have no prob saying.....Norm is now in charge. I will not be here much, I will still be around from time to time, but I am for the most part, officially handing things over to Norm. Thanks guys. It's been 25+ yrs, I feel old lol....you are all the best. Love you all.
  12. Steeldrifter


    Last weekend, did the Ren fest with a buddy. Drove down 4hrs then back so 8hr round trip. Was worth it. What a great time. The whole ren fest itself 3was just cool. I was dressed as Viking, and let me tell ya, women love vikings ๐Ÿ˜† I'll leave it as that. Got to meet again for first time in over 15 yrs, Will Sr ( Dad of Will jr that owns this site). so that was cool. Nice to see you in person again after all these years Will... Was a great time. Pic of me and my Buddy Chuck from the day...
  13. Really nice looking 8wt just out of the shop to start the weekend's work.
  14. 6'6" 2wt just out of the shop this morning to finish up this weeks rod work.
  15. Steeldrifter


    So who wants to go spot for me to help sight the new gun in at the range? Been really wanting a decommissioned RPG for the gun room, but no way in hell I would pay the $1200 they want for one. So I said hell with it and 3D printed my own for free and airbrushed it up!
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