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  1. Pair of rods for a carp angler all ready to go. Used colors that go along with the carp color tones and just flipped the main & trim on the one to match the other.
  2. Will do..Might have some pics to share of guns stuff and movie stuff
  3. Mike has not been back since he decided to step away a few months ago. But I am happy to say, I still stay in touch with him on a weekly email bases, and his work is bringing him with in 4hrs of me on Dec 15th. He;'s gonna make the drive up to spend 2 days with me dec15/16th. Looking fwd to seeing Mike again for the first time in 4 yrs. We are gonna go to the shooting range, and spend some time in the theater room
  4. One of the icons of the sport. He will be remembered for a very long time to come though that's for sure.
  5. Beauty of a 7wt rod ready to head out to its owner tomorrow. This is one of my favorite color/finish of blanks that we bring in to build on.
  6. Real nice 7' spin rod with burl grips and microwave guide system headed out of the shop this weekend to its new owner.
  7. Would you guys believe I have actually never seen that movie except for bits & pieces here and there 😬😦 One of these days I need to sit down and watch it all the way through.
  8. To you as well George and everyone else here. Now that my family has gotten smaller over the years as happens when we get older, it will prob just be a quiet relaxing Thanksgiving here. Probably will just have dinner with Mom and then watch Planes Trains & Automobiles with her as has become a tradition for us.
  9. Nice subtle clean looking 3wt just off the bench.
  10. Pair of med action 7' spin rods with microwave guide system on "cool gray" color blanks all done and headed out of the shop this week to their new owners.
  11. Nice subtle clean looking 3wt just off the bench.
  12. When you made that post above, the IP you have while logged in under your work VPN looks normal, then your IP from the rest of the posts was that real long crazy looking one again. Do me a favor and when you get a chance, log back in under your Work one, then leave the site and come back and see if it lets you back in or not while under that work one.
  13. Saturday here in Michigan I was cutting the grass while it was snowing...that was a first for me 🤣
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