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  1. It happens, but the good in the situation is now you have his address. I had the same thing happen to me last month on my trip. Hooked a real nice colorful 18" bow that jumped like a steelhead multiple times only to lose him with in 10ft of the net. I gave him a rest for a day or two and then went back and hooked him again 2 nights later and landed him. It's always a heart breaker to lose a good fish, but now that you know where he lives it's just a matter of time
  2. A train that goes that fast, no thanks. With that said, my whole life I have always wanted to go on a long far away fishing trip via and old style 1920's/30's train. I think that would be an awesome experience.
  3. Steeldrifter


    Hell yeah, for an introvert like me it'd be to ultimate way to get away from PEOPLE 👍 lol
  4. Latest 10' 3wt out of the shop has some real nice pop to it for color.
  5. Nice brown in some tough conditions. Is that near Waterville? It's been some years but I fished over in PA on Big Pine and Little Pine and seems I remember a Kettle creek being close to where we were in Waterville area.
  6. Can you still call them "panfish" when they are too big to fit in most pans 😱 lol
  7. Latest out of the shop this weekend. Done in a very subtle & clean style.
  8. Offering this here too because I just offered it on the FB group do a lot with. I have some 8' 1wt 4pc blanks coming in. Only have 3 blanks on the way, but anyone here wants to grab one of the builds just let me know. $145 is what I sell these at in the FB group but $125 to anyone here.
  9. Got that right, that's the only coffee I drink Hate the fancy brands. Give me good ol' Maxwell house , black, don't tryin put cream or sugar in it our I'll dump it down the drain lol
  10. Yep I remember her, Linda Vaughn. Remember Jungle Jim's wife Jungle Pam? 🥰
  11. Something I have been working on for the past few weeks. May very well be the height of my clinical OCD lol. Have been 3D printing and painting everything for a scale garage scene for the Felony. Everything is 3D printed, then painted/detailed. Pictures on the walls are resized pictures I took up on Woodward over the years and trimmed down to scale size. Monster truck pics are an actual Rc truck I built years ago which I reprinted in a smaller size, even got my a poster for my custom fly rod business worked into there Was very time consuming and took a lot of hours but was quite a fun project.
  12. What's on your list...the yard? lol I was saying uhg because of the "grass" carp. But if you really want to catch a weed in your yard more power to ya 😄
  13. Latest off the bench today. 10' 3wt 4pc with no butt, full wells grip, black main and metallic gold trim.
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