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  1. welcome to the forum Dsims. I was looking to the dr slick scissors and found a great deal on them at the sierra trading post website. they have a few to choose from.
  2. I have only started tying flys this week, and never tied with marabou, so this is a basic question with probably a simple answer. When you are tying marabou for a tail on a fly are you using just the tip of the marabou feather and wrapping the spine of the feaher to the hook or do you use just the fluff from the feather and no spine? how long of a tail do you want to make if you are using marabou?
  3. great tip about trimming the brush, i didnt think of that, will have to get out the scissors and get to work. thanks for the info.
  4. thankyou for the info. i dont have a fly shop to purchase anything so once again the wallmart to the rescue.
  5. thanks for the info. I am totally new, so this may sound like something obvious but i am going to guess you are talking about doing two whip finish with the materelli tool.
  6. Can i use sally hansons hard as nails for head cement, or should i use cement specifically for tying flies? what cement do forum members use?
  7. I have looked at the specs on that a number of times. It looks like a great value. I am curious to hear what you think about it once you have used it for a little bit. You don't need an expensive vise to tie nice flies. If it works for the flies you tie, that will be enough. And whatever you saved will allow you more flexibility in buying tying materials. I hope you enjoy it! David <>< it kind of reminds me of a ultra discount nor-vise at least by the way it looks. i cant wait to get it and start tying something. i will post when i do. thanks
  8. Just ordered a A.R.E. roto-vise. can anyone tell me anything about it. i am just starting out and on a budget. it has rotary and looks like good jaws, comes with a material clip, bobbin cradle and c clamp.
  9. Welcome to the forum glad to see i am not the only new guy. i have the same thoughts as you about vise and equipment. i think from what ive seen on the forum that the kit is not the way to go. i am going to buy materials for one pattern and then go from there. the trick is to figure out that pattern. i have joined a local club and will get the chance to tie some flys at the next meeting. also get to see some different vises and equipment that way i am not just running blind. good luck
  10. i have learned from past experience that if you stick with the better equipment you will usually have better results and enjoy it more. nothing like trying something for the first time and being frustrated. i have been looking hard at the dr. slick scissors the carbide ones. i know from my current job that a good pair of scissors goes a long way towards a quality product. as with most tools the better the tools the less frustrated you will be. can you buy the dr. slick sets from j stockard? i dont have anyone local. thanks for the suggestions. i am leaning heavily on getting the anvil atlas but havent made my mind up yet, have to get a look at both of the vises at my next club meeting.
  11. i am new to the sport of fly fishing and fly tying and am glad to have found this forum. it has answered alot of questions for me. i have joined a local club and am patiently waiting for the next meeting so i can tie some flys, until then i will join the forum and try to soak up some info. i have already come to the conclusion that if i buy a vise i am going to spend a bit and am looking at the anvil, apex or atlas. luckily members of the club i have joined have both of these vises so i will get to take a look at them in person. there is no fly shop in town so i am looking on the internet alot. any info anyone has is greatly appreaciated. i will be primarily fishing for warmwater and possibly some redfish and speckled trout down the line.
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