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  1. That would be "Tying Catskill Flies" by Mike Valla. It's printed on heavy paper and in brilliant colors for the flies. I'm attempting to tie some of those beautiful flies. If you get a chance, look it up if you have any desire to tie Catskill dry flies. I read with interest about the early tiers' tying in hand or like Theodore Gordon, using a thumb vise. A number of them used watchmakers vises or adapted other vises designed for other uses until the D. H. Thompson vise came out and a number of tiers switched to this process-built vise. Also saw where Walt Dette's vise which he adopted apparently later in life to the Universal rotary vise. An encouragement to break out mine and see if I can make it work. I don't know who is tying these classic flies today, when the style is "compact" flies with the excellent hackle and hooks we have. If you're tying these, I would like to see them.
  2. I'm a right hand caster with a right hand retrieve. Most earlier reels were set up that way, and recently Hardy reels were set up RH retrieve. I think it's an old age thing.
  3. Send me your address.
  4. Does anyone tie a lot of midge flies? I've got a Whiting half-saddle with lots of feathers in it. I'm thinking 20 and below. I'll mail it to you if you can use it. No charge.
  5. I reported last week on catching a good size bass that attacked the small bream I had on the hook. Friday, my fishing bud had the same experience. (!) I'm looking for a good bream copy fly as that seems to be the menu in that small pond. Any ideas?
  6. I was fishing in a local pond for bass and hooked onto a bream, about 3 fingers wide. I saw him as soon as he bit, and he started bending my rod acting nothing like a 3 finger bream. My fishing buddy said, "Hey, that's a nice bass!" It was a nice bass, but one that had grabbed the bream and held on. Not what I expected. When I got them to the bank, the bass turned the bream loose, but he held on long enough to put up a pretty good fight. I don't know how big he was as I never saw him. Fun experience; I only wish I'd brought him to hand.
  7. This was my first "good" vise. When it was being manufactured, it was Griffin's best vise. I had one back in the 90s, liked it but traded it for a 3 wt rod. Since then I've owned a number of vises and still own several, but have always wanted my Patriot vise back with no luck. Then, Thursday after looking for about 5 years, I found one on Ebay and bought it. It came Tuesday. The shipping on the vise raised the price, but it was heavy. For some reason, it had two identical pedestals and a C clamp. Also included was some materials, hooks, scissors, chenille I could use. It's in great shape, like new. It won't take the place of my Renzetti 4000, but it will take me back to a time that was a lot simpler and memorable. If you don't know what it is, it's a cam vise that rotates. Not graceful, like a HMH Standard, or professional like a Renzetti, but I like it. But most of all I like how it makes me feel when using it. A lot of water has passed under the bridge in the last 30 years.
  8. I tied what I thought was a good looking March Brown size 14. Everything fell into place. It was easy. My ego was stroked. Then I tried another and it was a mess. I wish I could be consistent; any recommendations for repeatability would be welcomed. I think my problem is on me alone, but it may happen to tyers in general.
  9. I've heard from Old Folks that back in the Model T days, they would put mothballs in the gas tank to pep it up.
  10. I don't worry about the smell. Mothballs smell better than moth poop.
  11. I think camphor and red cedar can work to deter insects, but mothballs release a gas that kills the little bastards.
  12. I had a semi-clear squeeze bottle of UV resin stuff that sat in the sun from my window. It cured solid as a rock.
  13. A couple of days ago, I found a moth in my fly tying room. The bad news is that it looked like a small moth, like one descended from a large moth in my feathers. So I doubled the mothballs and I'm hoping for the best. Moths, I hate the little bastards.
  14. This was my first good vise after the Thompson A. I've moved on but miss the Patriot. If you have one you're willing to sell, let me know.
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