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  1. That's it. I wish there was more to it. No documents I've been able to see. Doing research, I came across a No 1 in the box and with pages was on sale back in August. It was listed at $49 and didn't get any bids. Photo was with all the equiiptment. Wish I'd seen it earlier.
  2. The rod is available from HMH. I bought on last month. Didn't always have them but they do now. About $20. I ordered it over the phone.
  3. A day ago. A massive stroke. He will be missed.
  4. There used to be a web page of ClassicFlyTyer. I believe he had a No 3 along with all the Thompson vises. He's no longer posting, which is a shame. My No 1 has the bobbin cradle. I don't think the vise was ever used. I got it with a fly tying kit which was complete and hadn't been used. It's a good vise but I don't use it so much because I have other vises that are good vises as well. I find it strange that Universal went from No 1 to a simpler vise No 2 and then went back to a complicated No 3. I wish someone would post a No 3 but they are, indeed rare.
  5. I've got the original paperwork that came with the No 1. If you want, I can send you a copy..
  6. I have an original and a 2. If you do a search on Universal Vise you'll see how one user cleans his up. He ties just about every day. It's not as elegant as an original, but it holds a hook very well and is a rotary vise. Good price.
  7. It's not working for me. What's up?
  8. Looks great. That fly will catch fish. Continue to tie flies better than I can.
  9. I had the same problem with thread a couple of weeks ago. I broke it two or three times and figured I'd nicked the thread by my hook. So I pulled past it and haven't had the problem since. I have an old Nylon thread marked 4/0 Nylon on a wooden spool. It's from the early 50s, The first few inches the thread was weak, but after I spooled away the thread's first few layers, the remainder is as strong as could be. So I think threads can weaken as it ages but once you get past the outside you should be good. I don't know what thread is made of today.
  10. These blue feathers were given to me by a vet who kept exotic birds. I think she was a "rescue" keeper as well.' I don't know if they can be used to tie a couple of flies; I know I CAN'T use them. If you want them, send me your mail address and they're yours.
  11. Gene L

    C&F vise

    The OP didn't pose a question to be answered. So there.
  12. Gene L

    Hanging it up

    I didn't take it to mean just Orvis rods. I took it to mean The Lodge was not the proper venue for a post mentioning selling an item. On another site I'm on, the mere mention of an item for sale would be forbidden.
  13. Gene L

    Hanging it up

    See the Classifieds. I'm lead to believe that to mention the Orvis rods on this site isn't permitted.
  14. Gene L

    Hanging it up

    Well, I'm 77 years old. Wish I could wade, but for now, it's fishing from the bank...which isn't fishing much at all. I've got lots of stuff I should get rid of but fortunately fly rods don't eat and upkeep on them is nothing.
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