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  1. Gene L


    If I leave the top off, it collects stuff you don't want to collect. I don't have a problem removing the cap, but it takes two hands. Previously, I had some other brand of wax, and I nailed the cap upside down to the bench. One hand operation. But my OTHER desk doesn't allow nailing anything down. Which is why I use Velcro. I thought about using a rare earth magnet , which would probably do great, but the magnetic field attracts hooks.
  2. Gene L


    Yes, but it takes two hands, unless you're using something to hold the cap while you unscrew the container.
  3. Gene L


    I use wax a lot of the time, with gel spun thread it seems to go better. The only thing uncomfortable about it is having to use two hands. Overton's Wonder Wax has a large container with a screw on cap, which I guess most waxes have. To reduce the number of hands it takes to uncork it. I applied a patch of Velcro to my bench and likewise to the cap of the Overton's. It works fine, and you can unscrew and screw it up with ease. And if you move your work station, you can do so easily instead of nailing the cap to your bench.
  4. I've got two of these which I don't need any longer. They're expensive, versatile lamps designed for fly tyers. Originally they're listed at something like $140, but you can buy mine at $100 each, including shipping. I'll attempt to put a photograph here, but I've never done it before, so it might not work. The vise is not included, of course. The photograph is from Peak, full disclosure.
  5. Finally got the nerve to give it a try. Not the best scissors I have, Not fine tipped, more for large work. Goor for cutting hair and gross work. Anyway, they wouldn't cut the corners off small plastic bags, which I sometime use for duffing material. Can't take them apart with my tools. So I used a diamond stone. It only took about 2 dozen strokes on each blade and now it cuts like new. The reasons I chose the one I mentioned, is because it was dull (duh) and because I'd pretty well given up on them and was willing to sacrifice them to learn how. The Macro size didn't hurt either. The stone I used is about a medium grit. I didn't set out to make two razor blades, just enuf so it would cut the plastic bags. It worked perfectly well. Not razor sharp, but doesn't need to be.
  6. Gene L

    Lock down

    The first time this happened I was at the vice, but not overworking my hand. Second time I was watching TV, no stress at all on my hands. And the right hand, which saw little action. So I'm not thinking of overwork, I'm thinking of something chemical going on rather than labor related. Hasn't happened again. I drink water and sparkling water all day, and it could be from the flavoring of the sparkling water.
  7. Gene L

    Lock down

    Potassium might be the answer. About two months ago I got these nocturnal leg cramps. So my potassium level might be low.
  8. Gene L

    Lock down

    The other night I was at the bench when my left hand locked down...thumb and forefinger just wouldn't move. It was like a cramp. Stiff, and a little pain (but not much.) A few days later, my right hand did the same, but not as tight as the left. It went away pretty quickly after I left the bench. Could be arthritis or could be an allergy (???. That seems unlikely but I'm throwing out speculations to see if any stick.
  9. I have no problems from J. Stockard, fast and efficient. The reason for UPS via USPS is that it's cheaper on the shipper. The order is shipped UPS to the nearest PO and then delivered by USPS...at least that's the way it was explained to me.
  10. Check with a local taxidermist. Should have them.
  11. I'm looking for a plastic box for storing thread. Should have little posts to keep the spools from knocking together. I thought it would be a simple task to find such a box, but Noooooo. Hobby lobby turned up zero leads. I found plenty of boxes that would work, more or less, without the posts, but that's not what i''m looking for. Any ideas? I'd like to organize my threads by size and clear plastic should show the color.
  12. Who uses the Norvise bobbin holder system? I've got a bobbin and about 7 spools I would like to trade for something you have...I don't know what, but humor me. Any interest?
  13. I hear ya' man. I shattered my femur a couple of years ago now and it got pinned at wrong angle. I'm pretty much permanently on a walker now and at 77 don't feel like going through the surgery it would take to correct the whole mess. Anyway, what kind of price are you talking on the whole mess you want to get rid of? Even though I'm clearing out a lot of my own stuff I love to go through new stuff but would probably end up selling it myself over time.


  14. Home ot/pt therapy to begin with, I'm in rehab now. Fact is, I've got too many rods and too many reels. I will keep some, some need to go. Even before I broke my hip. I had problems wading...I'd get dizzy even in shallow water and fall. So unless things improve a lot, my river wading days are over. Thanks everyone for the encouragement. I'll still will sell some rods, just not ALL my rods.
  15. About two weeks ago, I fell and broke my hip. Which means my fishing from a stream is pretty well over. I've got a lot of equipment I won't be able to use, including several rods, from expensive to mundane, and a handfull of reels, mostly Hardy's. Any interest in getting these rod/reels at a great price? Prize is a 4 w tBill Oyster cane rod that was only fished four times.
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