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  1. Glad to hear they made it. Sorry for the hold up everyone. I have a better understanding of what and how long it takes to ship things up to our northern neighbors.
  2. kbranch, if they are mine, you can just go ahead and send the swap out without mine. i sent mine over two weeks ago and if they arent there yet, i'm not sure they are going to make it. sorry for the hold up everyone.
  3. has anyone order the eyes of fly tyers dungeon? i just saw he got some in and was thinking about buying some but I was looking for a review first.
  4. Have you received mine yet? Im just getting nervous here wondering if they made it or not.
  5. i just sent mine out. and i also just remembered that i had forgotten to tag them. i hope this isnt a big deal. sorry about that. let me know when they arrive.
  6. Just the size 20 emerger hook. My 8/0 uni straightened every hook I put in the vise out before the thread would break. Not very pleased about this. But, i've heard their other hooks are decent. Just not the emergers.
  7. i'll be there saturday. need to try to find a decent place to stay on friday night. can't wait for it. i havent been in 3 years.
  8. Are your bead prices going to be able to compete with the Canadian Llama's? I need to order both beads and hooks and thought I might hold out until you get beads. Thanks.
  9. Thanks guys. I think the problem with the slippage might be caused by using only 8 lb mono for the loops which twists when force is put upon it. I'll find some thicker stuff and try it. Thanks for the pictures flytire. This setup just seems to make more sense to me than attaching my dropper to the shank of my dry fly. You'll have to put some pictures up for us to see this setup JS. I'd be interested to check it out.
  10. hello all. I came across this pattern a month ago or so and decided I would try to tie up a smaller version. I tied a few and they came out looking really well. If you are not familiar with this pattern, it is pretty much just a hopper with a mono loop in the front and one in the back for attaching your leader. It is to be used as a indicator and a dry fly. The loops are made so that the fly/indicator will be adjustable but still hold strong enough to catch a fish with. The problem that I am having is with connecting the leader to the fly. It is recommended that you use a loop to loop connection with the front mono loop and then put the tag end through the back mono loop. I have been playing around with this for a while now, trying to get the loop to loop to hold the hoppicator strong enough. It just wants to keep sliding around. I am told it is suppose to connect like you would a thingamabobber(i have never used one of these) Has anyone played around with a setup like this? any recommendations? Thanks.
  11. Thanks for the responses. I was worried about breaking proper etiquette on my first fly swap. Flies should be out in the morning tomorrow.
  12. Question ya'll. I just went to the post office to try to mail these bad boys out, but the mail lady said that I couldn't purchase a stamp for a return trip because of having to get canadian postage. Did anyone else have this problem?
  13. i just got my package in a week and a half. pretty happy about it. i almost bought the same stuff from the fly shop yesterday bc of impatience. that one package would have cost the same as my whole order (which would tie a small school of baitfish patterns)
  14. Thanks for the tips guys. I started to look at the feathers, and it does seem to be more prevalent down towards the base of the feathers. I got extremely frustrated at not being able to do tie anything with it last night. Then took a break and started to figure it out. Johny, you are right about the base being bumpy. I think this was one of the problems that I was having. That and trying to tie dry flies at sizes that I don't usually tie them at. Think I just need some more practice. I am very impressed with the saddle otherwise. It is so much easier than dealing with tiny feathers off of capes. Thanks for the help guys.
  15. so...i just starting using my midge saddle. and I am kind of disappointing in it. (im sure it is a user error) I am looking at all the feathers and they all have a very deep V which causes them to lay funny and in odd directions. has anyone else experienced this?
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