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  1. i haven't posted on here in a while, but here is what i have been tying sorry about the bad pics, i was in a hurry
  2. i have used atlas glow yarn and mcfly foam, but not glo bug yarn. i like mcfly foam because it is easy to get nice round eggs with it, but it is not very translucent like atlas glow yarn. atlas glow yarn also has more uses than mcfly foam
  3. is there any difference between atlas glow yarn and glo bug yarn?
  4. Really?!? I've looked pretty much everywhere and can't find it including there. What brand was it? thanks i think it was sufix, but i haven't been to gander mountain in a while, so i can't remember for sure
  5. yes you should have the safety on when not using it, but if it was a single shot, most of them have no safety so you have to make sure the hammer is down, and he might have forgotten to put the hammer down.
  6. go with peak, i have one, and it is the best vice i have ever had
  7. i was just wondering what all of you use for junk food flies, like pellets, corn, eggs, worms, etc. here is one of mine
  8. they shouldn't be aloud to tear your fly apart, i sure wouldn't let them do it to my flies
  9. i have spilled at least 2 bottles of head cement, and last year i was tying a bass fly on a 1/0 hook and i turned around to do something and then turned back around to finish tying the fly, and the hook point and barb went right into my thumb.
  10. yes, i might be disgusting to skin a dog alive, but when people butcher chickens they cut there heads off and let them run around with no head ummmm, not exactly. I have a small farm right next to me that I help with the chicken possessing in exchange for some feathers. They put the chickens in to a tube sort of thing and cut a certain part of their throght so that they die within 3 seconds. Any movement afterwards is just nerves. Peeling the skin off of a dog while it is alive takes at least 4 minutes and the dog is alive during the whole time and even sometimes a little while after. ok, so not all farms butcher them by cutting there heads off, but when my grandparents had chickens they just cut there heads off
  11. yes, i might be disgusting to skin a dog alive, but when people butcher chickens they cut there heads off and let them run around with no head
  12. Selling, transporting, manufacturing with, or importing dog fur in the U.S. violates federal law. And anybody who doesn't think dogs are special is invited to raise a hand to me in the presence of the dog in my avatar. Name another animal that will defend you with its life. And I'll comment on anything I damned well please. i don't see anything wrong with using dog hair in flies, i have a pet rabbit, and i use rabbit fur. coyotes are also dogs, and people use there fur for flies.
  13. i plan on using egg flies on stocked brook trout in the spring, but in the fall i use eggs for spawning salmon, steelhead, and brown trout
  14. if you like tying eggs, this is a good website to look at,www.steelheadeggs.com
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