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  1. pacres

    Moldy Caddis

    Moldy Caddis Hook: Firehole 315 #12-16 Bead: Black brass or tungsten Thread: 8/0 (70d) black Ribbing: Callibaetis ostrich herl Body: Light olive Diamond Dubbing Thorax: Black peacock Ice Dubbing
  2. pacres

    Moldy Caddis

  3. pacres

    Elvis Chironomid

    My version of this patterns differs a little from John Kent's design, but they quite similar. Here is the recipe for my version. Elvis Chironomid fly pattern recipe - John Kent Hook: Firehole 315 #10-16 Bead: White brass or tungsten Underbody: White FWN Thread: Red 8/0 (70d) Rib: Mahogany Slim Rib (brown or wine) Body: Mirage Flashabou Coating: Bone Dry UV resin
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBnm9DRk-9Q The Bleeding Prawn is a steelhead fly pattern designed by prolific fly designer Bjorn Beech. Bjorn is the proprietor of the popular fly shop, The Fly Fisher, in Lacey, WA. I’m tying this steelhead fly on a size 2 hook today but is typically tied in sizes 2/0, 1/0 as well as the #2 sized hook. The pattern has several named color variations. The color in the video is called Evening Storm and other variations include Alcan Express (blue and black), Victoria’s Secret Pink, Red Moon, and chartreuse and orange. Bjorn is known for his fly patterns like the Jumbo Critter, Stinger Prawn, Overdressed Hooker, and a few other colorfully named flies. His motto for these flies is Big, Loud and Wiggly. You can find his patterns listed in Jay Nicholas’ Modern Steelhead Flies and in Randall and Mary Kaufmann’s Fly Patterns. Bleeding Prawn – Evening Storm Variant Hook: Heavy wire Salmon Steelhead TMC 7999 Thread: Fire Orange 6/0 (140d) Tail: Orange bucktail Flash: 10 stands each gold speckled Flashabou & Red Crystal flash Body: Orange Ultra Chenille standard Wing: Orange, red and black marabou palmered in that order Topping: Golden pheasant red body feathers
  5. pacres

    Fox Tail Leech

    This leech is a fairly simple fly, as most leeches are, and uses a custom blend of dubbing to give the fly a little variation in the color of the fly. I tie in the dubbing with a loop so that the fibers can spread out and give the fly a little more action in the water. Leeches can get hit hard by trout, so be ready for dynamic aggressive strikes subsurface. Try out some variations with the dubbing using olives, claret and brown shades of yarn mixed in with some black.
  6. I don't normally, but only because I tend to just fish single fly rigs.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChzzREo0ocU I've just received my order of the Firehole stones and had the idea to make the olive beads into an olive with a little bit of red painted added.
  8. I've been having a ton of success this season fishing these nymphs tied on jig hooks with tungsten beads. https://youtu.be/cvEirtABBC0 Mohawk Hotspot Pheasant Tail Nymph fly pattern recipe Hook: Partridge SUJ #10-16 or similar jig hook Bead: Gold tungsten (3.3mm for #12) Thread: Rusty Brown 8/0 (70d) Hot Spot: Floss (hot color) Tail & body: 6-8 pheasant tail fibers or CDL fibers Rib: Copper Ultrawire (sm) Thorax: Peacock herl Good luck.
  9. Here is a Copper John (olive variation) that I tied to go along with Wooly Bugged (Mike Evanko) and his fishing vlog. if you are interested in watching Mike's video, you can find it here
  10. Hey guys, thought I would share another of the patterns I've been tying. McLeod Ugly fly pattern (Ken & George McLeod) Hook: Superfly HKHWS #2 Thread: Black 6/0 Tail: Red marabou Ribbing: Medium copper wire Body: Black Laser Dubbing Hackle: Grizzly saddle hackle (webby) Wing: Black bear
  11. That's a nice one, better quality than the first IMO. I've bought items from that seller before as well and he has always been good. Lots of good quality materials and hooks.
  12. I've been tying with my scissors in my hand for years now, but you need scissors that feel comfortable. I feel like I'm missing something if I try tying without them. I use Dr. Slick's eco scissors for the most part. I use the 3.5" arrow and the work for about 99.8% of my tying. I also use a magnet on my vise, but only when I finish tying so I don't have to hunt for my scissors all the time.
  13. I like fishing them more than I do tying them. Nice job on the fly.
  14. Just posted a new pattern. This is a little caddis pupa I've been trying out with some good results this spring. I've been tying it with tungsten beads, but brass should work well too. Might even try it with glass beads if I can find some seed beads in the correct sizes.
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