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  1. My Peak vise works well for both freshwater and Salt flies. I have zero experience with any other vises.
  2. Enjoyed your report, even though it wasn't about fly fishing.
  3. Nice report, sorry to hear about your business slowing down. Mike
  4. I have been buying mine from Bearsden fly shop in Ma. They have lowered shipping costs.
  5. I own a Remodeling company and I have had multiple jobs get put on hold until everyone can figure out if they will still have jobs when all is said and done.
  6. Mlandry

    For Sale

    A bargain for sure.
  7. Steve Farrars Flash Blend in Olive on the sides, yellow on top. Krinkle Mirror Flash and unique hair for the tail.
  8. The Betsy, a local pattern. Hopefully it will hold up well to aggressive Stripers and Bluefish. Mike
  9. Sierra Trading Post has a good deal on Metz saddle and neck hackle. Just picked up some pink and blue saddles for some saltwater patterns. Mike
  10. Pretty fly. I have a hard time putting a JC nail on something a Blue might destroy. Thanks, and I don't blame you. I just feel like something is missing if I don't put eyes on the fly.
  11. I own a one weight rod that Steve built for me and its one of my favorite rods. I fish a certain river in western Ma. that requires 7x tippet quite often and I find that I get much fewer breakoffs with the 1 weight than a 4 weight I own. Mike
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