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  1. About four years ago I got some flies sent to me by my good friend Thom Sullivan in the US, one of them was the Fox Poopah, and I really liked to look of it! Once I tried it I liked it even more. I specially remember a small stream far north in Norway, I've been catching huge grayling on dry flies all week but had trouble at this spot. So I put on a fox poopah and started catching browns at every cast instead! Originally created by Tim Fox almost twenty years ago, it's not a well known pattern here in Sweden but it should be because it's great! Hook: any straigh hook size 12 and downwards. This is tied on a size 14 Body: Vernille over flat silver and ribbed with oval silver Legs: Patridge Thorax: black ostrich Antennas: Wood duck Here is a Step by step: http://elmerfishing.com/en/bindbeskrivning...fox-poopah.html
  2. A little something extra when you want to both catch fish on a fly AND impress anyone looking in your fly box Hook: Tiemco TMC 2312 Thread: Sheer 14/0 Body: 2 mm foam Legs: Plastic broom bristles Antennas: Black goose biots There a few insects that make a more characteristic footprint on the surface than a beetle and for periods of time during a season there will be a lot of terrestrials around and on the water and beetles will be one of them. A classic foam beetle will give you great fishing, but if you want something more, a little more advanced and something slightly more sophisticated, then it's the SMS beetle you want! Here's the step-by-step for it: http://elmerfishing.com/en/bindbeskrivning...sms-beetle.html
  3. Thanks, these are gonna be used for pike!
  4. Personally I really liked this colour combo!
  5. Thanks guys! Aftershock, here's how the head's are done: http://ulfhagstrom.blogspot.com/2009/10/ho...eamer-head.html DaFunk, yes it is a little simillar to marabou but on the long feathers you have like long sadle feathers and marabou in the same feather, it's great! =) JJD, compared to Racoon I find that bird fur soaks much less water and I think it's easier to work with. ChuckingFluff, I've also tied some spey shrimps with it before, but when I realized I could also use it for pike flies it got a lot more interesting =)
  6. Here's a couple of more pike flies tied with Whiting bird fur. The pink/brown one is using a detached body for more movement.
  7. One of my oldest pattern is the "Killer" vulgata/danica imitation. This is a fly that has caught me some nice trouts over the years and also my personal best on dry fly. Anyway, earlier this year Dennis at ukflydressing took that pattern and did a smaller variant of it, something I hadn't really thought of doing. So now I finally got round to doing a smaller version myself, I think that the olive patridge feather makes it looks great! Hook: Patridge 15BNX size 18 Thread: Uni 8/0 olive Body: Partridge feather Hackle: Brown Wing: TMC Aero Here's an external link to a SBS of the original pattern, the only difference in the above small one is the use of a smaller feather for the body. http://ulfhagstrom.blogspot.com/2008/12/st...ing-killer.html Cheers Ulf
  8. Deeky, here's some info about it: http://www.whitingfarms.com/prod_feather_birdfur.html I vote for the freak cross breed of chicken and the easter bunny! Ulf
  9. This past summer I found a new favourite pike fly material in Whiting Bird fur, a great material! I tied a few flies with it this past summer and the way they move in the water, wow! Here's an example of a olive and brown version I did last night. I saw Richard Strollis tie something similar for trout also, I gotta try that also because it has potential of being a real "killer" for big browns... night fishing, mmmm! Ulf
  10. Today I got a shipment of deer hairs in six different colours, so I had to get back to try the divers for "my" pikes. The collar got a little soo thin and some colours spilled over into the other once but apart from that I am pleased
  11. Been messing around a little with blending materials on pike flies. This one is a mix of white and green mirror image along with blue and "gunsmoke" wing'n flash to produce a big baitfish that can resemble both a herring and a roach: the roach-ing!
  12. Thanks guys! Bruce, that's the nirvana of deer hair tying right there! Next one I do I will try to make the clipped head shorter with a more "steep" pater on top so to speak. Pratcice makes better, and thanks alot for your encouragement, comming from you it means alot! Cheers Ulf
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