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  1. Does Aleene’s Liquid Fusion hold up when exposed to water for long periods of time?
  2. Thanks Niveker. Baitfish Hook: #4 Firehole Tail: BT White Belly & Overwing: Icelandic Sheep natural white & brown Overwing: Mountain Goat Dyed Kingfisher Blue Flash: Crystal flash & Flashabou
  3. Hook: 94840 size 12 Tail & Wing: Woodchuck Body: Antron Gray Hackle: Ginger
  4. I decided to tie a few midge emergers; starting with a #18 and worked my way down to a #28. (I do use magnifiers) This one is the Matthew’s Zelon Midge see Tim Flagler's video. I showed my wife and she said "so you're tying fruit flies now?" I laughed and said I think fruit flies are smaller. She said I saw a dead one over on the counter. I collected it and compared it to the fly and was surprised. I guess I'm tying fruit flies now.
  5. Thanks. The variant fly style is called a Comet. Hook: #6 straight eye Thread: Flat waxed nylon 210D yellow Body: Flat waxed nylon 210D yellow gold ribbed Tail: BT bright yellow Butt: FTB artic wind hot yellow 1st Wing: BT orange 2nd Wing: Rabbit fur dyed yellow with orange tips
  6. Hook: Firehole 860 #1 3XL Thread: GSP 100 Eye: 3D 7mm Tail: Strung hackle white Body: FTD congo light purple Belly: FTD congo white Head/Wing: FTD minnow back blue + purple Flash: Minnow back shimmer fringe
  7. Hook: Herters #423 6XL size 4 Thread: 6/0 Body: Christmas tinsel + solarez Throat: Maribou red WIng: Hackle blue dun
  8. Hook: Firehole 860 #1 3XL Lead: .025 6in Eye: 3D 7mm Thread: GSP 100 Tail: Gold badger feather Belly: SFF & poly yarn mixed white Head/Wing: SFF tan & FTD ginger gold leech dub mixed Flash: Gold crystal flash (FTD has flash added) SFF = Strung Fuzzy Fiber
  9. Additional info from 2018 post.
  10. Another great fly, especially like how it sinks with head vertical. Would work well for bass in crawdad colors.
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