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  1. WOW!!!! I know my next addition to my desk. O2Fsh
  2. All flies went out today. Sorry for the delay, family emergency took me out of the country. Home yesterday...mailed today. O2Fsh
  3. Some really cool shrimp arrived yesterday from Hong Kong. One more arrival and they go out! O2Fsh
  4. Some nicely tied (tiny) shrimp patterns arrived from Tracy, CA yesterday. Wow!!! The skill it takes to tie that small is beyond me. Maybe that's why I tie larger flies...easier to see and to hide errors......I'll let ya'll decide. Two more sets and I can mail them out. O2Fsh
  5. Some REALLY nice green shrimp arrived from ME yesterday. Police report several stripers lurking in my neighborhood. O2Fsh
  6. Did everyone receive their flies? O2Fsh
  7. Bob, Thanks for supporting this swap. Glad to be in another one with you. As to the pattern.... ANY shrimp pattern you wish to tie. Size is up to you. I fish saltwater and use larger shrimp patterns (2-3/0) but would welcome any pattern offered in this swap. Only one space left!!
  8. Don't worry Sjo. I am glad to work with you. We'll get the flies back to you without troubles. O2Fsh
  9. Hope they serve you well!!!! You sure tied some nice ones as well! O2Fsh
  10. Aroo, To clarify: Each tier is to tie ten identical flies. Any shrimp pattern. 6 tiers tying 10 flies=2 flies to each of the other 5 participants. You will not get copies of your own pattern back. If you're in, that makes 4/6..... anyone else? O2Fsh
  11. Glad to welcome any tiers. As long as you make sure you cover your postage. U.S. postage rates JUST went up. The international coupons worked, but typically were too little. Consider doubling your rate. O2fsh
  12. Okay, anyone interested in a shrimp pattern swap? I'll limit it to 5 tiers (plus myself). Each participant must tie 10 flies, two for each person in the swap. Mail them to me, along with return postage and envelope. Each tier will get 10 shrimp in five patterns to try in their local waters. With a more detailed pattern, I was thinking of May 30th for a deadline. Plenty of time to get them tied, marked, and mailed. SWAP IS FULL O2fsh 1. O2Fsh 2. djgunter 3. Sjo 4. Aroostookbasser 5. Robert M 6. Hairstacker
  13. All flies went out. I paid everyone's postage difference. No worries!!!!!! Beautiful flies I enjoyed hosting!!
  14. Slight delay. Flies are completed and packaged. Must go to the post office. Mailman would not take them with the international postage coupons at the curb. She said I need to go to the counter. Going Saturday morning after picking up my wife from the airport. Flies will go out Saturday. O2Fsh
  15. Seems like everyone is in.... Mine will be done this evening. Should all go out tomorrow's mail.
  16. Some VERY nice CT flies arrived yesterday. That explains the Striper I found in the yard...... O2Fsh
  17. DAMN at the flies the Canadian tied!!!! Very nice black blue and white Clouser with a turned-up eye. Definitely going to copy that one..... The fish stand no chances so far guys. Lets get 'em in, so I can get 'em out to you. O2Fsh
  18. Came home to some Canadian Clousers in my mailbox. Noticed three fish flopping in the street attempting to get them out of the mailbox. I'll open the box in seclusion later today. Deadline is approaching and I only have the Australian and Canadian (besides my own flies) in hand. O2Fsh
  19. Just got an envelope full of well tied Australian Clousers. You guys are going to love these!!!! O2Fsh
  20. Just rest up and heal. Don't worry about the flies. O2Fsh
  21. No flies have arrived yet. Three have shipped theirs to me. O2Fsh
  22. Damn post office smashed my box...again. However, the rubble contained some VERY nice flies!!! Thanks for the flies. O2Fsh
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