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  1. Fishing Bob Nelson’s wife Sharon passed away today. Please send him your condolences. He has for over a decade been one of the stewards of the swap page that kept swaps alive. He encouraged and  praised and helped everyone. Now he needs our strength.

    If you want his home address, please PM me. If you want to call him, please PM me. He is lost in his grief.



  2. If I might ask, what was wrong with you?

    How old are you?

    My liver and white Brit, is a rescue. I got her when she was eighteen months old. I was her third home. I self trained the orange one to hunt with quail wi gs and then live quail, a lot was just her natural ability.

    Abby, the liver, would walk, but not hunt when we went out. I took her with Hope, I took her with other dogs. One day, she pointed a woodcock. She retrieved it too. 

    If you can get a couple of live quail put them in a mesh bag and hide them. Let your dog find them.  Keep doing it and make it a fun game. I made a trap to catch the quail back.

    Even if your dog doesn’t get trained, enjoy him. Three is not too old.

    You, be well. Hope is my orange Brit. In 2010, my Brit Maddie was killed when my youngest son who was house sitting let the dog out to great my wife and me when we came back from a week in NY. She ran after a stray cat and was hit by the only car on the road. I laid on the road and cried. Two days later I found out that I had kidney cancer. My wife made me get another dog. I got Hope, reluctantly. I didn’t want to go through cancer and my heart hurt from losing Maddie. My type of cancer could have been fatal. I couldn’t think of a dog name, finally, I realized that I had no Hope. So that’s her name. 

    Let your dog be your strength.

  3. Brittanys are extremely smart. Hope know hundreds of words, opens door knobs and cabinets. Abby, the liver color can open the two part locking baby gate. I was hunting with two other guys and I told Hope hunt left and she did. One guy said, “Why don’t you use simple one word commands?” I replied cause I didn’t have a GSP. 

    When we hunt quail and they run instead of holding, Abby runs out one hundred plus yards and works back sweeping until the quail are trapped between the two dogs. I never taught them that. 

    The sad part is Hope is over twelve with some health issues, so I did not hunt her this year.



  4. I have two Brittany and a wanna be ditch weasel Brittany. I fish with me often. The hunt woodcock, quail and sometimes duck. They point and retrieve. They are great companions and keep me company while tying too, after all, they supply some materials. Hope is orange and 12.5 years, Abby, the liver is 9.5. Zoey the ditch weasel is five. She likes rolling in mud, the incoming ocean surf and laying flat in a trout stream. Oh, yea, she was supposed to be the wife’s lap dog. They all love the soccer goal net on the Jeep with the top down.












  5. Contractor I know was talking about the problem of mobile homes and some manufactured homes was, as he put it, “what is behind door number two?”

    Said he started a job, pulled paneling and it was basically veneer covered cardboard. The owner told him he broke it, he bought it. The quote and intent was to remove, do repair an reuse. Headers, studs, etc didn’t match standard construction. He said it was a nightmare. 

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