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  1. Got mine. Cool flies. Great selection. Thanks Kim for a great swap
  2. Thank you Kim for running a great swap!
  3. Thank you. Yes, I have never seen anyone else tie these. Niveker, I find most people make the tail and body too long and that makes the fly fragile. Go farther up the feather and make the tail and abdomen shorter. When I tie the traditional, I also include divides wings. I often cheat and cut the pulled forward wood duck and even it.
  4. Wood duck and deer body hair. This is a variation of the Darbee two feather fly. I used deer hair instead of hackle. The wood duck flank forms an extended body. Simple and quick tie, but a great dry fly for picky trout. Daiichi 1167 size 14 They will be in the mail today.
  5. So, this is just feathers and thread, this good? LOL
  6. I will. Jim Mackey a long time friend of her family will.
  7. Mine are really in the mail. I blessed them and wished them luck. I told them to stay away from Flytire’s “postal” flies and keep their feathers to themselves.
  8. Winged caddis it is then. Yetavon, the secret to the winged fly is I clean the feathers and coat with Sally Hanson nail polish, let dry and cut to shape. Very effective during a hatch or just as a prospecting fly. It has no hackle. I use fly floatant when I fish. The dubbing is looped on and brushed to act as hackle. Caddis are usually very hairy looking.
  9. Yetavon Don't be discouraged or overwhelmed, tie a nymph. Use pheasant for tail, wrap pheasant tail or biot for body. Use pheasant for legs, This one: tail-pheasant tail body-pheasant tail rib-copper wire wing case - pheasant body thorax-woodchuck legs -lower back pheasant lead weight- piece of old dental lead foil
  10. OK, I’m torn on pattern. Would you rather have number one or number two?
  11. OK, I missed the Vicrider post. Yetavon, we still have to connect to fish. DarrellP, thanks. I would love to.
  12. BOB NELSON, are you behind this? Tracking History February 11, 2021, 8:02 pm Arrived at USPS Regional Origin Facility MID CAROLINA-CHARLOTTE NC DISTRIBUTION CENTER Your item arrived at our MID CAROLINA-CHARLOTTE NC DISTRIBUTION CENTER origin facility on February 11, 2021 at 8:02 pm. The item is currently in being sent to Fishing Bob Nelson in Tijuana, Mexico please pick up at local taco joint. Your CITES report did not declare sufficiently. California is not recognized by the USPS in South Carolina. Why would you mail trout flies to Oklahoma? Should we redirect the package to somewhere more appropriate for trout, say like Montana? Your post office appreciates your business. February 11, 2021, 5:44 pm Departed Post Office ROCK HILL, SC 29732 February 11, 2021, 3:12 pm USPS in possession of item ROCK HILL, SC 29732
  13. If anyone drops out, I would fill in for them. You may have Fishing Bob text or call me if you have a tier emergency. I only need a day to get them out.
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