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  1. Flies are in the box. Regards, Imx
  2. I'll jump in if you have room. Regards, Imx
  3. thanks fishing bob nelson. some great patterns that I know just the places where they'll be used. also another shout out to all the participants and the host...great swap folks Merry Christmas, regards, IMX
  4. Received a small rectangular package wrapped in camo along with a hank of grey/silverish silky hair.. Definatley won't be waiting for Xmas to put the material into use. The fly box is calling like Jumanji whenever I walk past might have too hide it in a drawer. Thanks vicrider for hosting your a gentleman and a scholar Merry Christmas all and happy holidays imx
  5. as posted above, I started tying mine like Charlie Craven and have never looked back
  6. Mine are enroute...please note I put some postage funds in the fly box. Regards, imx
  7. Flies went in the mail today... Thank you for hosting, a true gentleman in my book. Happy holidays everyone
  8. Mine will be in the tomorrow.. Actually had a hard time finding a pattern I was interested in tying and my imagination was non existent so nothing to get to awful excited about from me.
  9. anyone else not able to access it? it might be on my end, when I try to access it I get a "fatal error" message
  10. Has anybody received august and septembers set?
  11. Have my October flies made it yet
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