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  1. Got my flies. A gorgeous set of classic and varied flies that all go direct to fly boxes.
  2. I third it. Great day. Start by making money on the job and then fishing two great spots on the way home. Not many of us get to do that.
  3. Used to get a kick out of kids saying they're Mosquito Eaters and eat hundreds of mosquitos so never kill one. Somehow they also got confused a lot with Male Mosquitos. After all, only the females drink your blood so they must be the giant males. Good thing they don't sting for blood or a few of them would leave you too weak to portage a canoe in Boundary Waters.
  4. Okay, I'm glad there is some optimistic responses on this thread. I tend to be a pessimist I admit and I hope this is just the swap forum taking a breather with all that has been going on the last year. Now that things are open again and people catching up an often wasted year the swaps will rebound resoundingly this fall and winter and I will take a big sigh of relief that this great forum is still going strong.
  5. Great pictures and at least you touched base with one of the streams big bosses even if he won this round.
  6. I hope you're right Rich but there are others around for a long time feel it slipping. I love the swap and will hang with it as long as possible but would love to see it fire up like the old days and it wasn't just winter that was active.
  7. When we have people like Fishing Bob Nelson and Flytire and I could name several others who were long time regulars giving up on the forum because it has become fashionable to be late with flies, it has been slow to fill swaps, and with the loss of the regulars we have not had sufficient incoming talent to keep things going of late. It was only a few years ago I'd check the forum daily if I could or new swaps would be full before I could jump in. Sometimes when I was feeling like I hogged things I'd pass my spot off and always had people in line for an opening in almost any swap. I know that postage has actually become a cost that is not the insignificant few bucks it was some time back. That plus the recent unreliability of delivery on time and swappers sending at last minute doesn't work anymore. Swaps used to be a good bargain with good talent and reasonable postage. Now with postage both ways reaching the $10 mark it is no long insignificant and all the more reason to work hard on your flies and meet the deadlines. I agreed to be a global moderator with the understanding that this forum is my primary concern and I would try to keep our great swapping record going. When a deadline falls on a Tuesday don't sit down Saturday night to try to get them out Monday. There is a swap on right where there are any number of simple ties that fit the swap (and some very hard ones I've found) and we can't get more than a half dozen people interested? All I can say is that this is/was the best swap group on the internet and it could be again. New tiers, you're always welcome and it's a great way to up your game. Oldtimers, watch and see if things can turn around and get back to the great swaps we had before. If not it may be one of the many internet forums that slowly dies a death that will be missed by many, especially me.
  8. After careful consideration I have decided to reject your resignation. You are too important to this forum to just let you go. Sorry.
  9. Normally I'd say good but for me I wrote the borders off when you had to do a passport to go to US North or US South.
  10. What a great experience to be able to watch TroutFodder. I know there are exotics in foreign waters that scan the branches and jump for their meals but to see trout do it is a rare experience.
  11. Sometimes we do Norm, just not this time. Don't know how that happened but whole thing acted strange for me. Maybe Mike has a curse on quoting him.
  12. Since when does presenting another option on a concept deserve public criticism? Silver Creek contributes to this board including offering UV products at good quality and price to members. He simply was showing another option. I could never understand quoting a full and heavy post when you post right below it but other than that I don't think your post was called for at all. Note that he in no way dissed the other option, just presented a different one.
  13. Have heart in our PO flytire. Mine just showed up today. Not bad. Two months in transit and not even any blood on the package.
  14. Having spent years riding motorcycles in all kinds of heat and cold I have everything from heated gloves and jackets to cooling vests for wife and I. Though the cool vest really is at it's best when moving through the air on a cycle it also does a good job of cooling in stationary outdoor conditions, especially if there is any breeze. While other guys who we rode with would be in t-shirts and bitching about the heat wife and I would wear white long sleeve t's and soak the vest every gas stop. I also had du-rag and neck scarf of same material and we would be MUCH more comfortable than the other riders. https://www.amazon.com/Motorcycle-Cooling-Vest/s?k=Motorcycle+Cooling+Vest
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