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  1. wwkimba, your misys shrimp brings back some great memories. Myself and 2 friends fished out of Grand Marais in a tournament on Lake Superior. North of Grand Marais was solid fog and most boats avoided it. I drove through it with careful watch of locator and Loran (pre GPS). Using timed run we soon hit the discolored water coming out of the MN Brule River. We set up and immediately began catching fish. Trying to set up the 6 legal lines became futile with action going crazy. I was on the radio with some of the other boats and calling out fish on about every 5 minutes or so. Throwing them in the cooler it soon became apparent they were stuffed with mysis shrimp that brought them in big schools. Within a few hours we had all the other boats calling BS on our fish and wanted to know where we were of course. When we headed back for the weigh in we had all the boats and half the town waiting to see if we were BSing or hit them like that. When we asked some guys on dock to help with the coolers this raised some eyebrows. When we got them to the table we had our legal limit of 30 coho, several kings, something like 5 each of steelhead and lakers. Took home some money and prizes and had people wanting to pay to tell them where we were, which I never did. I still find it hard to believe that mysis shrimp can become so thick it brings in huge schools of big fish but every time we pulled a line from outrigger, shallow downriggers, or flat lines the line would be slimey with shrimp. I chartered and fished the big lake for years when living up there and never ran into anything quite like again. Fished off the mouth of some of the rivers running into Superior on the WI penisula near Washburn WI where my folks lived and often found mysis in fish caught of the mouth of the rivers on streamers we threw on our long rods. Yep, your fly sure brought back some great memories of the days we spent on Lake Superior running charters and just having family fun and camping on Isle Royale and the Apostle Islands. Sorry this is totally off subject but mysis caused the flashbacks.
  2. I don't know if you could make it work with saltwater hooks but if you could get that on front of hook (drill hole bigger?) and tie your streamer behind it it would not only make a nice attractor on the front but as you strip it it should give a nice "walk the dog" underwater action. edit...or you could use them as "tees" on the par 3 holes on the course for you iron shots.
  3. Got a great bunch of flies in mail today. Thanks to all and pegleg for running a swap with some quality flies for the box. With where he lives you'd know scuds would be a prime fly for him and the soft hackles coming from the other swap would make for a good days fishing on the White. Nick
  4. Now there's a picture that sends me after the eye drops. Ouch. As much as I used to enjoy tying down to 32s and did a lot of 24 and 26 between hands just no steady as they used to be and need of stronger glasses I'm kind of limiting myself to 18 and bigger these days.
  5. This is just something I do when I'm doing cleaning, which is never been as thorough as yours but may be that way soon. It's needed. When I vacuum with my little 2hp mini-shop vac I take the end of the nozzle and tightly rubber band a sheet of organza or something on that order. Fine but breathable. Then as I vac and it starts to sound plugged I lift it, shut it off and check the end of the vac for flies, beads, wires, etc. Have run across flies I've long given up on and it's the only way to get the brass beads. Some, not all of the tungsten are decently magnetic but they all stick to the shield on the vac. Hope the health reasons aren't COPD like I'm dealing with. It's no fun and can see how drifting fluff can be a problem I haven't really considered yet.
  6. I got my dozen done, sure outta be room for the Psycho. Nick
  7. Hopefully you've gotten better. 🤣😉
  8. vicrider

    dash camera

    Interesting. I retired from MN/Dot about 12 years ago and I believe those statutes you list have been amended to allow some of the things that used to be illegal since they were violated so frequently anyway. Another thing illegal though violated by most people having them is leaving your handicap card hanging from the mirror while driving. Mine goes on and off since it definitely interferes with vision when hanging there.
  9. Lots of small ponds around the area and almost all of them have 'gills, crappies, and sand bass which would be happy to chew on your trout flies. Use some bigger streamers or gurgle bugs and get some largemouth bass in most of the ponds. Don't be surprised if you should happen to hook a catfish or even a carp during your fishing. I'm in western OK and the are you'll be in is definitely better than I'm in.
  10. vicrider

    Lock down

    I hate doctors. I get all my medical advice from the internet, either googling the subject or boards like this one. Always plenty of people with lots of free advice. By the way, this finger locking up stuff has happened to me if squeeze something just wrong between thumb and finger. I think it's kind of cool to lock up like that. I also had a lot of trouble with leg cramps and my wife bought some bottled water called Propel. It worked miracles on the leg cramps but those darn doctors took me off it because of the amount of sodium in it. Now I take an OTC Potassium pill every other day and though occasional leg cramps nothing like I was having before the Propel. Getting old ain't what I'd call the Golden Years but still better than the alternative.
  11. Finally found this post Mark. Great catch even if was not what you hoped for there is such a thing as getting skunked on a trip and you didn't do that. I live in western OK near TX line and I've been here 11 years. This is the windiest spring I can remember and most of the natives say it's unusual not to even get some quiet days mixed in. Like you said, 15-25 with gusts to 40 common and a few runs of 60-70 mph thrown in. Have a pond a friend introduced me too but can't fly fish it for the wind. Same with trying to get a boat in this spring. What trout I caught in the pond were on UL spin and hope to get some fly tossing in yet since water stays much colder in there than most ponds OK stocks with trout. Hope your trip next year goes as good as you hope it will. Just for fun, what is the elevation of Lake Havasu? I'm limited to a max of about 3000' thanks to lungs needing extra air. Great pics, Nick
  12. Kim, you been drinking? If we were a younger crowd I might say put down that crack pipe and back away from the table. This is exactly what you posted to start this swap. Isn't you answer to Cencalfly totally the reverse? I'm going through patterns that use NO synthetics like you requested for this swap in your opening instructions? "Now let's see if you can tie BS! This is a BS (Before Synthetics) Swap, all flies are tied with only fur, hair, feathers, wire (copper, silver or gold only!), tinsel (gold or silver), and plant materials (Swiss straw or kapok) for example. Think of flies designed before 1960."
  13. Okay, where did you get the urine stained wool from sheep? One of the guys on another wanted the real thing so a friend got him some wool properly stained. He decided to clean and boil it in his kitchen while wife was out of town. With everything he could do she still didn't talk to him for a month.
  14. I will join but more than 12 swappers is BS. If you go past 12 I'll drop and let someone more ambitious have my spot. 12 IS NOT a rule but works great and is traditional here.
  15. vicrider

    dash camera

    Man, in MN it's illegal to mount a camera or GPS unit to the windshield. Would that guy get the tickets in MN.
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