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  1. You are listing yourself as the #12 swapper. If you do that you mean for us to only send in 11 flies? If you don't list yourself and the swap fills up then it's 12 flies. Nick
  2. First a story about my very early steelheading up in MN, WI, and MI. I was a raw rookie on steelheaading in streams and was taught by the experienced that the only way to catch them was with carefully tied fresh spawn bags. This made the first hen of the season in high demand for eggs. In tying them we used various items like sheer nylons the wife had runs in, wedding veil dyed orange, and an OTC material too expensive. To start tying them in the evening you'd very carefully put 5 or 6 eggs in the sack, tie it and trim it neatly. This would get carefully shook in Borax and stored ready to fish. The thing is, by the time you had tied a dozen or two neatly you'd get sloppier and sloppier and pretty soon you'd convince yourself a big spoonful tied the size of a ping pong ball would be fine. Your fingers would be stuck together, the Borax was in blobs on the sacks, and we'd say, Good Enough. In our defense we gradually graduated to yarn flies and rubber eggs and releasing the unclipped native fish. Took a few years but we all grow in time. Now what does that have to do with this swap. Well, the first 20 or so packages I keep track of what's going where, what kind of flies, and pack some extras I think will work for that person. Well, I admit by the last dozen or so I lose track of what's going where, end up with two to Joe and none to Pete. You will find some of the packages with tops opened and taped and that's part of the reason. There are NO boxes a person shouldn't be happy to get and if you get flies for New Zealand and only fish panfish, put it on your bucket list and make plans. I have been harping about Pirate Ship for shipping packages. It was time consuming to type out all the labels, print them and stick them on the right packages (note some of the cut open tops) but after all was said and done doing this saved $54.70 over just taking them in to PO for processing as I've done in the past. This, and the generousity of some members, means I will be able buy some discount packages when available to be ready for next year's Secret Santa Swap.
  3. There are a few things I'd like to talk about the upcoming shipping of the swap packages. First, overall this is best bunch of Christmas boxes and flies I've been privileged to handle. Secondly, the postage and the additional goodies sent in were astounding. I'm proud to be a part of such a wonderful and generous group of elves. Everyone will get something extra in their package, hopefully something they will be able to put to use at their vise. I can tell you that some of the extras will go toward sending boxes to Healing Waters for Women with Breast Cancer and one of the Wounded Warrior groups for military and First Response workers. Second, about those extras, every year I learn a few things to benefit me in the swap game. One of those is that with all the extras sent in I did not keep track of who sent what. Because of that you might well get back something in your package you sent in to be shared. This is only because of my lack of bookkeeping and not because it wasn't a fine gift to distribute to others. Third, about this contest. A few people sent extra gift boxes so some will get a couple in their package or separately. Now, one member sent in a package so far Above and Beyond any expectations that I make an executive decision to put this box into a special "Spin the Wheel" contest for the recipient. This box is mostly streamers, all beautifully tied, and I would love to see it go to someone who will really put such quality loose on the water. I have not swapped a box yet and could keep this one but it too good for the limited fishing I do now to make good use of. So, here's the deal. Between now and Monday noon give me your name if you want to be in the swap for this box and you will still get your regular swap but this will be a special Super Santa Bonus thanks to an extraordinary Elf out there. Winner will be surprised and not mentioned until after Christmas.
  4. Like many, I only him through the board but express my sympathy toward the family he leaves behind. May the 'gills in his pond take a day off in his honor.
  5. Hank, do it. There's a couple of late boxes to cross mix with yours and it will work fine. Santa
  6. Bryon does great work. I love the Irrestible Wulff but getting a decent hair body is beyond me. Glad I'll have one to add to box though.To me flies like the IW, CDC Caddis, and especially the Muddler Minnow are so representive of bugs on the water when they're not being selective on a hatch I love them. When in northern MN I'd often fish walleye during the day, then swing by a trout stocked lake in evening on way home. The Muddler was about all I ever used when the lake was calm and rings were showing up everywhere. Cooling thing was when a Bow would leap from water and come down on to of fly. Miss those stocked lakes cold enough to carry trout year around.
  7. Sorry Kim. You lost the spin of the wheel and get the lump of coal. I did gift wrap it for you though. Santa
  8. First, the ornaments on the tree were done by some cyber friends much better with deer hair than I'll ever be. They are kind of fancy for the Charlie Brown tree but the guys who did keep telling me to throw them in the water. I just can't bear to do that to such beauty, though I may throw the Spook Walker. The picture of boxes under tree is all boxes to date wrapped and labeled with tyer but not where they're going yet.
  9. About 3 or 4 more to go and then it's sorting and mailing time. Looking forward to your cencalfly.
  10. This link is the best information I've seen in one place for people wanting to swap or run swaps. It is one the blog of one of our premier fly tyers Flytire himself and gives swap information we all can benefit from. https://flytyingnewandold.blogspot.com/search?q=fly+swaps In addition, all swappers wanting to become swapmeisters, must have participated in a minimum of 3 fly swaps. Swapmeisters should complete one fly swap before starting another one. No running multiple fly swaps at once.
  11. No sweat dingbat. Will have others late and I always figure a week for slow mail anyway. On time ones help me keep ahead but late ones are not a problem.
  12. I know the fact that it's kind of unusual around here to still have snow on the ground but watching what's going on for lake effect snow in the northeast is unreal. When I lived in northern MN we had 36" in 24 hours once but it was a fluffy snow, not the wet heavy stuff they're having that takes down branches, power lines, and caves in roofs if not cleaned. It's easy to say they're used to this but this is record breaking stuff it will take weeks to normalize things again. For those in the middle of the mess you have my sympathy. I've lived with big snows for much of my life but nothing to compare to what you're going through right now.
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