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  1. Okay, I'm looking at that one on the far right that looks like a version of a Crease Fly. I'm thinking that's nice but why the big orange belly? DOH...toetag.
  2. And I've never personally liked calf body hair for anything. A good kip tail provides great hair for Wulff wings, RC hairwings, and I like to take lightly curled hair and fit it so it curves over a streamers back. Just never got the knack of cutting body hair and keeping it together to make use of for any purpose. For parachutes I've gone to using poly and folding it around the thread and then tying it in place and wrapping the two strands into one post.
  3. Been an awful lot of years since I've been stoned but I'll fire up the pipe for this one. I'm in. Nymphs are great but someone doing a Sofa PIllow or other adult hatch would be nice. I do have a nice nymph pattern in mind that takes a slow tie but is worth in IMO.
  4. But here's the thing skeet3t. It is the responsibility of the swapper to have the postage on the envelopes. In a pinch maybe sending money is the only option but it is definitely more trouble for the SM to get everything out on time. Depending on type of swap it doesn't hurt to have PM put an extra quarter on stamps since if you send dry flies and most of the rest of us send beadheads it ends up postage short for SM. If you want to do your own stamps, and I do often, get the sheet from your PO on how much postage is needed on packages, weigh them and put on proper stamps plus a bit. Nick
  5. Sandy, I and others have missed your photographic work on other sites and am happy to see it again here. Nick, AKA Bassman
  6. Of late there is a growing trend of waiting until last minute to send you swap flies and with slow mail and problems getting to PO or etc. swaps are dragging on weeks after they should be complete and we should be fishing the flies instead of wondering if we're ever getting them. It is time to be more serious about swaps and if you run a swap you take certain responsibilities and if you participate you have those same responsibilities. Timely tying and shipping of flies helps everyone. Following rules listed thoroughly in stickies on this forum will help us as Swap Meisters get things turned around and back out faster. Good containers, good, small toe tags, proper return envelopes with sufficient stamped postage, and board name and real name on the container you ship flies in. If others get the same sheets of self-addressed labels I do they work well for this. If persons do not get flies in by deadline or at least let SM know they are on the way then send me the name and they will need to explain what happened that they couldn't keep their commitment before they can sign up again. This forum has been one of the best on the internet for swaps and we need to work to keep it that way by doing our best to follow rules and meet deadlines. Nick
  7. Okay, I'm to the point that if people sign up and can't deliver by due date or damn close skip them and I'll add to the persona non grata list of swappers. The sad part of this is that missing person at this time is a great past contributor who has contributed hand made knives in the past Christmas swap. I am more concerned about his welfare than the swap but dragging a swap on for weeks after "deadline" has past is becoming too common. Nick
  8. Still waiting? Here's a tracking # the PO gave me but it doesn't offer a lot of encouragement. If it's correct package just finally made it to Chicago Distributing Center. LH139298795US
  9. Food job guys? No more catch and release, it's for food now.
  10. You want a recipe for his fly or for cooking the fish. 😄🤣
  11. Darrell, are you cheating? What's that rib? An extra component? Love the fly and will use it this summer I'm hoping.
  12. I saw somebody asked Dave if he'd fished his fly yet. I should mention that for a Christmas swap I sent Dave's package first thing in December. After writing if off as forever lost lo and behold it showed up in February if I remember right in absolutely perfect shape like it had just left my house. So only the mail overseas will know when or if Dave ever gets his package from us. We can only hope. After all, it's all downhill from here. Nick
  13. vicrider

    Black Ice

    Ahh yes, a Mercedes E class. Well, for those of us with a 2004 Ford F150 in the driveway... Actually, my wife's 2019 Suburu has active 4 wheel drive and my kid had it out during a rare winter storm in OK and he said you couldn't spin it out. He's driven a lot of rigs including my 4x4 truck and said it's the best control of any he's ever been in in snow/ice conditions. Even so you have to use your head and not expect all modern technology to make up for stupidity, though it does try to.
  14. vicrider

    Black Ice

    Having lived most of my adult life in MN I can reliably say most people up there can't drive for crap in snow or ice either. I used to go to work early and put radio and listen to the crash reports around the metro in Mnpls/StPaul. Front wheel drive and 4x4 SUVs were great if you used them correctly and paid attention to the roads and braking distance. One spring the snow banks had melted down to a berm. Then we had a freezing rain and that night on "rush hour" there was something like 60 rollovers from SUVs skidding, hitting the berm lip and going over. Body shops loved it but I had backroads I could take to and from work to miss the freeways and main roads during that kind of weather. One time I on my way home from work in IL and crossing a curving bridge with elevation change and black ice had covered it. I came around the curve to the right and downslope and a car in left lane in front of me lost it. He turned sideways right in my lane. I eased off gas and readied for the crash. As I came up on his rear end at impact zone he kept spinning slowly and next thing I knew he was alongside facing the wrong direction. I kept going, he kept spinning and as I watched the rear view mirror the car behind nailed him. I'd like to chalk it up to my great reflexes back in those days but I know better. Sometimes you're the bug, sometimes you're the windshield. That time I was lucky.
  15. Good. Been waiting for another swap to start. I ran a one material swap once so this one is twice as easy. Nick
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