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  1. Great, thank you Silvercreek for the pictures. That helps tremendously! Also, thank you crackaig for instructions on how to make the tool!
  2. This is the pattern and video I was referring to https://youtu.be/ELn2wPJRh18 He does it off camera so I can't see what's going on, but it looks like a way to make sure there is no stem in the cdc wing.
  3. I have come across some patterns for dry flies saying to V-out the cdc feathers but doesn't show how. Can someone explain to me how to do this and better yet a video or picture showing it? Thank you!
  4. I've recently begun fly tying and would like to know how you guys manage the spools of UTC ultra wire and keep them from unraveling everywhere into a huge birds nest? I've noticed there is a plastic piece on the end of the spool that removes, do you use this somehow to keep it tight?
  5. Looking for some good suggestions on a table top lamp for my tying desk to provide some good light. Thanks
  6. vicrider, I have found that it works really well on stocker trout.. Yes, its sort of an egg pattern / attractor fly.
  7. These are my first 2 attempts at fly tying. A #12 Y2K and #18 Zebra Midge
  8. Peak Rotary vs. Renzetti Traveler.. what you think? I have had a few people recommend the renzetti but thought maybe I could save a few bucks with the peak if its just as good?
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