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  1. Fishboy

    dont look now!

    Now 4-0!!! They're on pace to go 162-0...that would have to be some sort of record.
  2. Just travelled to the Cayman Islands with a hard plastic rod tube that is sized for a two-piece, 9'-6" rod and flew Northwest. From Detroit to the Caymans they let me put it in the cabin closet near the front of the plane. However, from Cayman to Detroit they made me check it in as luggage, which posed somewhat of a problem because we were only allowed 2 pieces of luggage per person, and that rod tube made it three for me, but it all got worked out. So, all of this rambling basically says..."It depends." Derek
  3. No, the Caymans aren't a top destination for fishing for most. The flats are not large and expansive like those in the Bahamas or the Keys, and there aren't great numbers nor size of fish. There's some big tarpon and bones, but they are few and far between. There's decent reef fishing and dolphin fishing, and its supposed to be one of the best places to try to get wahoo on the fly, but beyond that it isn't recognized too often. But I was there, fished, and had a great time. Derek
  4. Just got back from the Cayman Islands. Did two days of guided flats fishing (wading) and did pretty well. Besides a few times in northern FL, this was the first time I've done the saltwater fishing thing...and it was awesome. Day 1: Fished a flat for about two hours where we saw one school of bonefish. Only got about three decent casts at the fish, however, because they were very, very skittish. We couldn't figure out why until we saw about a 4-foot barracuda cruising close to the school. I did hook-up and land one small jack chasing sprats. We then moved on to some channels where there are quite a few juvenile tarpon in a jungle-like setting. The channels are about 20-feet wide, with mangroves all over. I hooked and landed just one tarpon (about a 12-pounder...much larger than the guide was expecting) but he was an incredible fighter. Jumped and ran several times, almost buried himself in the mangroves, and put up quite a struggle on a 9-weight rod. Day 2: Walked a flat for almsot a mile, not seeing even a jack busting bait, let alone a bonefish. Soon found the reason...about a 6-foot lemon shark. Cruised over to another flat where I missed my only two chances at bones by throwing the fly too closely. Did hook and land a small barracuda on a popper...good fun on a 7-weight. Went to one more flat where we didn't see any bones but I caught and landed two jacks, one of which made two deep runs into the backing. We went over to the channels again to try for tarpon, where I hooked two but didn't land either...one threw the hook and another got into the mangroves. I had a great time and learned alot. It's definitely a totally different game from the freshwater games I play. The casting often has to be much more accurate, which isn't always easy with the ever-present wind. This is something that I am definitely going to pursue deeper. About as fun as it gets. Adios, Derek
  5. A Type IV, V, or VI sink-tip line does the trick for me when fishing nymphs or swinging streamers...I prefer a full-sinking line when stripping streamers quickly. As Gregor said, lead wraps and/or various bead-heads will help do the trick on the fly. I love coneheads for large streamers and woolly buggers. The various dumbbell style eyes will also work well on buggers and streamers. And then there's always the trick of throwing an extra split shot or two on the leader. Derek
  6. Fishboy

    pere marquette

    Here's another one to ask him (now you got me fired up)- If all we're doing is lining fish, how come guys get steelies on dry flies? Admittedly it's rarely done here in the midwest and east (more prevalent with waking flies and that in the west), but its definitely been done. In fact, in his book "Steelhead Dreams" Matt Supinski has a picture of a beautiful drop-back fish his wife took on an Isonychia spinner. Derek
  7. Fishboy

    pere marquette

    Hey John- I just fished a tributary to the Big Man last weekend and got two steelies and some decent trout just indy fishing and one nice brown swinging a McCune's Sculpin...if you're chucking and ducking I can't help you with a set up, as I've never done it. But whenever I indy fish streams like the P.M. I like a 9-10 foot leader, with about three feet of it being a 30-lb. test butt. I used a 2X tippett this weekend as the water wasn't too clear, but if the rivers clear up a bit 3X or even 4X maybe better (I wasn't using fluorocarbon, for what it's worth). As for your buddy who says steelies won't take a fly... Ask him why when sight fishing to a steelie in the fall or spring when the water's warming you can see him move a foot to take a stone nymph or even further to take a swinging Egg-Sucking Leech coming into his lair. Or ask him if all we're doing is lining a fish, why the strike on a Spey pattern can just about tear the rod from your hands. With all due respect, I think he may be a little full of poop. I agree, a lot of fisherman are lining fish, but I think that mostly just happens when a bunch of drifts are thrown at fish on shallow redds. Derek
  8. Bunny-strip flies are great flies to use. I've also had great success with Lefty's Deceivers in red/yellow, white/red, black, and chartreuse in sizes #1/0-#3/0. Also check out the Key's-style Tarpon Flies...they can work well, also. The place where I get a lot inspiration for my flies is the Saltwater Flies section of websites and magazines. Pick out a couple of the ones you can tie between those sizes I mentioned above that have a nice profile and something attention grabbing like flash or big eyes and you'll probably have a winner. Derek
  9. Fishboy

    Campin out

    I can't tell you about the snakes, since up here in Michigan they're hardly a problem and usually avoid people. As for needing a tent, I rarely, rarely take one if I'm hiking in some place. You can fashion a little roof w/ a tarp and some rope, and lay a blanket or another tarp on the ground to sleep on. Sometimes I'll even go as far to make a quick lean-to...takes less than an hour for a small one and they provide good cover from the weather. As for keeping snakes out, I don't have a remedy for that. Derek
  10. Redneckfisherman- Sorry to rain on your parade, but if you're anything like me (I'm 21) you'll be hurting even before 25. Already have had broken ribs, broken collarbone, broken ankle, and a very painful back. My thing, however, is that every single one of those were because I sometimes think I'm Evil Kneival...everyone from a stupid stunt. A lot has to do with how you live, but like Spentwing said, you can't dodge genetics, and in Will's case you just have sucky circumstances happens to you. I'm heading to the bar w/ a buddy tonight, and I'll drink one for everyone on this board's good health and another so that hopefully Will and everyone else w/ problems can overcome them. Take it easy everyone. Derek
  11. I'm thinking about trying them at night on some of our Michigan lunker browns and brooks...I'm sure if the fish are rising to sleet they won't have a problem going at that fly...and I'm sure there'll be a few bass and bluegills interested in it, also. THanks again. Derek
  12. Thanks bud... And I hope you don't mind, but I already did up a 1/2 dozen of your Micor...in fact, in my little plastic box I keep some of my extra flies that don't fit in my regular boxes, I labeled it "BDH's Micor"...just like that name. Derek
  13. Sorry BDH- Just poking some fun...it'll stop now. Seems like everyone contributes some "sophomoric humor" every now and then, but I didn't mean to distract from the great info here. I like this forum more than all others because it stays on the light-side, but this threads done.
  14. Before you resort to using the spinning gear (you're not destined to hell JUST yet )...if you can't fly-fish as much, just tie more and you can re-supply all of the members of the board through out the season, giving US more time to fish. Seriously man, as luvinbluegills said, you have to keep family first, and I think everyone respects you for that...but hopefully fly-fishing won't have to take a backseat. Besides, someone has to teach your son how to ff, might as well be you. Derek
  15. Not good news at all, for sure. You're right about having to think about the kid and the wife....my suggestion: start learning to cast left-handed. I've heard a lot of stories of guys keeping-on fishing after major surgeries/injuries by learning to cast left-handed. Good luck with all of it and hopefully they can fix it well enough so fishing and your future of playing with your son isn't jeopardized. Derek
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