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  1. lol haha, i love the name as well! Thanks for the comments AGN54, always appreciated!!!
  2. Thanks everyone, really appreciate the comments always, I truly do! That helps in keeping me tying and always that gill flare of a 100lb bass lol!!! Very easy to tie just basic steps and spreading hook around collar
  3. I love that shrimp. Excellent tie!!!!
  4. Thanks Kirk, appreciate it! I tell you what, my next trip is going to either be for slob redfish down in Louyville or Florida for the silver king. FlyfishingJam - Hey man i mostly fish salt with the flies but when I get a chance i LOVE slinging frog poppers to hungry largemouth and pickeral. I caugt my biggest pickeral last year on a red/yellow mickey finn. For some reason the pickeral in a local lake near me love red/yellow mickey finns. All types of fly fishin rule!
  5. Willy the pimp, shrimp variant
  6. Thank you sir! Always appreciate the kind words, really do. You sling bugs in the salt?
  7. Small baitfish flies to imitate spearing, sandeels, anchovies, sandeels, ect All tied on size 2 gama big game hook, short shank
  8. The first type of baitfish that comes my way are schools and schools of immature spearing. These can be found in creeks and bays. I wanted to make a small fly to imitate these immature spearing. The bass blues and weakfish fill their stomachs with these baitfish and if you dont have a close looking fly you are not hooking up! In the past I have done ok with clousers but I always wanna do better! Let me know what you think. Tied on a size 2 gama hook, fly is 2 to 3 inches long Dry Immature Spearing Wet Immature Spearing Let me know what you think, thanks!
  9. lol, sorry about the previous post, did not mean to dis-respect you in anyway or come at you in an angry tone. I was saying "hey check out this stuff, it can be easier wit this product" - sorry about the clearity of my message, I apologize. Anyhow, its funny how you bring up that point. After I got off the internet I made some flies with CCG flex and silicone - the ccg flex is good and contains flex but only on small to medium "heads", you were right you cant have a big cigar shape and head like this type of fly and have the same flex vs silicone. I personally like silicone. Have never tried tulip glue. Thanks for the advice
  10. For all who may be wondering.....this does NOT make the fly hard, its the same as silicone but better http://clearcuregoo.com/page1/page4/page4.html
  11. Not CCG flexible! Thats the whole point of using the CCG flexible, it makes it soft like silicone! Trust me on this, i use to use silicone all the time and its a pain. CCG flexible has the same feel as silicone - it is simple to work with and dries in 15 seconds with the light
  12. For your clousers check out the gama B10s stinger hook in sizes 2 through 2/0. For the bendbacks try a short shank gama and use your pliers to bend it. Check it out on youtube, type in "bendback fly", plenty of videos for it. For your baitfish patterns try the gama SC25 wide gap. Also google mustad signature hooks. It sucks but good hooks cost money. Once you relle get into the fly fishing worlds, good hooks mean a lot in my opinion. Pay the money now and when you do get that fish of a lifetime you will have confidence in the hook stuck in his jawline, any other questions just message me privatley
  13. Bucktail Baitfish Flies White Ghost, Olive Spearing, Yellow Mellow Tied with 2/0 wide gap gama long shank hook
  14. You dont need tulip glue if you have CCG, CCG flex or brushable can get the same shape and takes markers well
  15. When are you back in FL, whats the first migration that occurs? I know in Florida you can fish mostly all months long and obviously certain months better than others. Whats good during the summer months in florida?
  16. Def correct, database is down, has been down for sometime now - searched bass patterns and blank page comes up
  17. Thank ya sir! Got the itch so bad! April 1st and with this warm weather for Long Island, they little bass should begin to bite!
  18. Finn Raccoon but according to brad an the websites pattern, you can substitute artic fox and marabou as well.
  19. Looked up Brad Lowmans Tarpon Bug Pattern. Used a tiny bit of variation and came up with these Bass Bugs. Striped bass should def eat these up. Thanks brad for a great pattern! Tied on 4/0 mustad signature tarpon hooks
  20. HTA - High Tie Anchovy Pattern Check out the video patten below, I made my own variations for my version of anchovies near me. You can also do this high tie method with different colors of polar fiber to create spearing, peanut bunker, ect
  21. No critics there buddy, excellent pattern, i would make the same one but for the tail i would put a nice bunch of flash - excellent tye You tied this like a regular yarn crab? Same way huh? Just using congo hair?
  22. What store was this at surf? Amazing deal - never tied crease flies on popper hooks, always thought the hook gap was never big enough compared to the gama and spinnerbait hooks I use. I would love to buy a bunch for my clouser flies! I love using popper hooks for clouser flies, this lets me weight each clouser perfectly as you know! Any websites have these offers? Thanks for letting us know!
  23. Thought I would share this offer with my buddies in the saltwater section first. Please do not respond by telling me I should put this in the "for sale" section of this forum and not in the saltwater section, I know about this and have posted in the for sale section already. I am giving this offer to people who I communicate with daily. Thank you For Sale or looking to trade for a 8/9 wt rod -St Croix 2 piece 10wt Imperial fly rod. Only used 2x. Once for practice casting in fresh water and then one other time fishing in saltwater. Brand new, like stated above used only 2x. St. Croix has an excellent warranty plan. This rod also comes with the tube. I paid $220 for it, please make me an offer or offer me a trade. I would really like a nice 8wt rod (even if I lose a little money on the trade, really like TFO rods as well). The only reason I am selling this rod is because I went to buy the 8wt St Croix and I picked the 10wt by accident! Please message me for pictures or more info, and/or make me a money or trade offer Here is the rod http://www.stcroixrods.com/product/imperial-fly Thank you
  24. Thank you for the kind comments. I wish I made the video. It was created by waterlinemedia. Thank you for protecting our country!
  25. During winter time on Longisland, i have flies on my mind 24/7, dream of gill flares and check the internet for sick videos to get the blood pumping even more! Soon (during May until Dec) I will be back mateing on the charterboats and slinging flies! PLEASE check this video out, in my opinion it has to be the sickest vid I have seen regarding fly fishing. I love the dog as well!
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