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  1. Last night I tied my largest fly. Once it cools down I will put it on my 16 weight and throw it on a 500 grain sinking line. I have a couple of deep weed faces I want to hit. Too hot and the lakes are down at least a foot. It is based on a Luke Swanson pattern and is tied on 4 wire shanks. I hang a 3/0 hook on it, but I cut one of the three hooks off, so it will be a little weedless. All casts with this outfit will be wet loads. Tom
  2. Great report and wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing!
  3. I want to tie some up before I fish with Kip during the summer. Tom
  4. When you finish, post the flies. People on this forum are really good and supportive. You will quickly improve your skills by taking their advice.
  5. Niveker- I use a 9’ 8 wgt that Steve built. The line is Rio Largemouth Bass floating. My wife uses a 9’ 7 wgt that was a custom build from the Fly Angler. The line is Outbound Short 7 wgt floating. Richmce- The purple Tequelly is our go to color. I tie it with yellow legs. If you decide to fish with Kip, you need to book out almost a year. Tom
  6. My wife and I floated a section of the Mississippi River near Monticello, MN today. It intentionally was a shorter float today 10:30 to 4:30. It was very cool yesterday and last night. The morning was a little slow, but the fish became more active after lunch. We had most of the action on a purple Tequeely and a blue Boogle Bug. There was a lot of bug activity on the water. Multiple mayflies, caddies flies, and damsel flies. We caught a lot of smallies, in all sizes. There were some truly amazing hits on the Boogle Bug. Only our 4th time out this year, so it was nice to have a lot of action. Full sun, mild temperatures, and minimal wind throughout the day. The guide is booked 7 days a week till mid September. Here are a couple of fish from the day.
  7. I think you are doing a great job on those froggies! The original looks like a complex tie.
  8. Steve Nice to see that you are taking some time for yourself and catching some terrific fish! That rainbow had a gut I can identify with. Tom
  9. PD Nice tie! You will love the action in the water. They do get heavy, but it sounds like you have a good strategy for casting. MFG
  10. Li’l Dave,

    Nice to see you posting. 

  11. +1 to this My wife and I had Steve put the microwave system on each of the spinning rods he built for us. We have very strong and positive comments about both the rods and the system.
  12. Mike Thanks for clarifying. You also graduate with an engineering degree.
  13. If you have the skills, it is a great opportunity. An all-expenses college education valued at over $300,000 and a job when you graduate.
  14. You are off to a good start. Fish these, modify based on what you see on the water, and report back. There are many brilliant tiers (not me) on this forum. Post your flies and listen to their feedback. They will shorten your learning curve, but the fish are the ultimate decision makers.
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