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  1. Norm, Absolutely beautiful proportions on that Dr Breck. That is an amazing head you put on that fly. To
  2. Fruitrollup, Nice job on the caddis flies
  3. Me too. I build my own. I guess plus or minus $20.
  4. MuskyFlyGuy

    What’s cooking

    Oh, does that look good. I can smell it all the way here.
  5. This year I built 20 of each of the lures. They have a 6/0 treble hook in the rear and an eight Colorado and a 9 Indiana blade. There is a one ounce weight, so they will cast like a bullet. 30 go to the MN HS Musky championship and the other 30 go to our Chapter’s tournament. I got a couple of grants to cover the materials.
  6. That is an excellent collection of woollies.
  7. Mark, Only 30-50 fish a day. Welcome to a great day in the rest of the world. The late Charlie Brooks said that during his time in Alaska he went from fishing, to wanting to catch a lot of fish, to catching big fish, and finally catching them the way he wanted.
  8. MuskyFlyGuy

    What’s cooking

    It’s been a while since some food has been posted. This fall I made a big pan of lasagna and here is a piece. This was a leftover piece, before I heated it and the cheeses and olive oil flowed all over. Tom
  9. Welcome to the site. We look forward to seeing your posts.
  10. Way to go Poopdeck! Looks great. Tom
  11. Thanks, I was just going to ask the same question.
  12. MuskyFlyGuy

    Oh crap

    Time to tie some flies!
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