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  1. PD Nice tie! You will love the action in the water. They do get heavy, but it sounds like you have a good strategy for casting. MFG
  2. Li’l Dave,

    Nice to see you posting. 

  3. +1 to this My wife and I had Steve put the microwave system on each of the spinning rods he built for us. We have very strong and positive comments about both the rods and the system.
  4. Mike Thanks for clarifying. You also graduate with an engineering degree.
  5. If you have the skills, it is a great opportunity. An all-expenses college education valued at over $300,000 and a job when you graduate.
  6. You are off to a good start. Fish these, modify based on what you see on the water, and report back. There are many brilliant tiers (not me) on this forum. Post your flies and listen to their feedback. They will shorten your learning curve, but the fish are the ultimate decision makers.
  7. Nick Pick some from the bunch I recently sent you. Tom
  8. Li’l Dave, Welcome back! How about a virtual swap where you join an existing swap and post a picture of your fly and the SM posts a picture of the swap flies. No flies sent back and forth to Australia, but it would get you more active on the forum. Tom
  9. There are a lot of aspirational flies this month. Great work everyone. Tom
  10. Will there be pictures? Thanks Tom
  11. Steve You have made an abundance of those 10’ rods and they all look great.
  12. Skeet It was a musky. Musky fishers count follows. They are a low incidence fish, so two follows is considered by me a good day.
  13. We have all had successes, but what about the one that haunts you at night. Early November three years ago I was driving North from Minneapolis to meet up with my guide. The temperature was 31 and was going to warm to the mid 30s by the afternoon. A little rain was freezing on contact and 35 was becoming a skating rink. Cars and trucks were piling up in the ditches. I counted six before I pulled off and went to a truck stop. It was full, so I had made a good decision. I called the guide and he said there was no ice 15 miles North. I told him I was going to have a hot chocolate and would meet him at Tobies. After 30 minutes I saw some Highway Department trucks go by and spread sand/salt and decided to follow them. We met up at Tobies and went to our launch site. The river was lifeless all morning and had not warmed before we ate lunch. After lunch felt different, it was colder and ice was forming on my line and filled my guides. After every second cast we scraped ice off my line and broke it out of the guides. Getting cold, no life in sight, fighting the ice, and struggling to keep a positive attitude. About 400 yards upstream from the takeout, after my first strip a huge mouth came out of the water and engulfed the fly. I stripset the fly as the massive head shakes came toward the boat. I caught up with the fish and set again. I was getting excited as I had a good steel leader and was using my 12 weight. As the fish approached the boat, we could see a big, gnarly fish, well over 50”. She had a lamprey stuck to her on each side. She did two circles by the boat and I remember saying something atypical for me, “get the f***ing net”. We got her close to the boat on a third circle, the net is ready, and the hook pops out. No more resistance on the line. We both stood there in stunned silence as she went back to the bottom of the river. I sat down and the guide asked if I was going to cast and I said I was done. Don’t even remember floating that last 400 yards, but I felt cold to my heart. last winter I got a text from the guide one night Are you thinking about her? Yeah Me too He says that was one of two fish that haunts him. Me too, I dreamt about her every night for a year. I am doing better now, but every once in a while I still think of her.
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