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  1. Please take the time to watch this video and take the necessary action and sign the petition. It sickens me to see how our planet is changing for the worse. It is our responsibility to PROTECT our natural resources, NOT DESTROY THEM! http://vimeo.com/17098720
  2. Freshwater: Rainbow Trout Brown Trout Brook Trout Creek Chub Greenback Cutthroat Trout Kokanee Salmon Largemouth Bass Smallmouth Bass Bluegill That's not much, but it's a start. I plan on trying for some saltwater species this summer down around Louisiana and Texas. I also plan on catching my first pike this summer. I'm still trying for a Steelhead but that has proved to be a rather difficult challenge for me.
  3. Thanks everyone for your input, but let it be known that I don't listen to music on the water either. I, like the rest of you, enjoy the beauty of my surroundings when I'm on the water. I enjoy listening to the river, it helps me clear my mind. I was just curious as to whether any of you DID listen to music while fishing. The only time I really ever listen to music is when I'm bass fishing on my Grandpa's pontoon boat, in which I turn on a Classic Rock radio station and keep it turned down low enough just to provide for some background noise.
  4. This question was brought up on Facebook and I thought I would carry it over to this forum. What music do y'all listen to, if any, while you're out on the water?
  5. How to do you paint your poppers? (Airbrush, Enamel Paint, Acrylic Paint, etc.) Mine never turn out this nice!
  6. I have several rabbits that I plan on harvesting for their hides. I'm wanting to make zonker strips with theses hides. If anyone on here has any experience with tanning hides, I would appreciate some help. I have done a little research and know that I need the hide to be "waterproof" so that the hair doesnt fall out when dying and while being fished. I read that drying the hides with borax before starting a chemical tan would lock in the hair. What would y'all recommend?
  7. Thanks everyone! I think I'm going to go with some saltwater neck hackle because, after looking online, it is WAY cheaper than the genetic hackle.
  8. I am fairly new to fly tying and would like to start tying some cork/foam bodied bass poppers. I'm just wondering what type of hackle to use for the tails/skirts. I've been looking at the Whiting American hackles, but do I use the Hen hackle or Rooster hackle? And do I use capes or saddles?
  9. After doing yet more research, I have decided on the shooting heads. The heads for the Versi Tip are sink-tip lines and the Max II heads are full sinking. I feel like the full sinking heads would present my fly/flies at a better angle to the fish compared to sink-tip Versi Tip heads. I thank you nonetheless for your help and suggestions.
  10. Thanks for your help. After doing further research, my only concern with the Versi Tip is the head length. The sinking heads are only 15 feet long and I might need to fish a little deeper than that. With the shooting heads being 30 feet in length I should be able to reach any desirable fishing depth. I'll be doing 90 percent of my fishing in still open water so I'm not worried about having to retrieve my line in strong currents and I have another fly line that I will be using for Steelhead in the rivers. I'm leaning more towards the Shooting Head setup but I appreciate your suggestion nonetheless.
  11. I am wanting to buy a new fly line for my nine weight rod. I like the idea of interchangeable heads. I am looking at either the Rio Versi Tip system or Rio Max II Shooting Heads. I need help on deciding which one to buy. What are the pro/cons of each? I will be fishing a lot of lakes for pike, bass, etc. but I also fish the local rivers in the spring for Steelhead. Any help is appreciated. -Brandon
  12. I was just wondering what wing materials you guys use. I am looking for something similar to Stalcup's Medallion Wing Sheeting that is maybe a little cheaper and/or more durable.
  13. I wonder how they would look with Fish Skulls instead of the eyes??
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