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  1. Great photos eweryone Some shots from Lappland Best regards Tcr
  2. Yes to sick Jonas But I really like you Gallery, :headbang: Best wishes Tcr :baby:
  3. tcr

    Gummi Minnow

    Great fly. Also try to make a floating fly i have seen it with a booby core on the hook and silliskin over.Great to imitate a vounted baitfish. great for Bones. Best wishes Tcr
  4. tcr

    Permit crabs

    Tack så mucket, thanks :headbang: Tcr
  5. tcr

    New Streamer

    :headbang: I like it a lot Tcr
  6. tcr

    Permit crabs

    Looking good Sweden. But like Bassturd also says try to put the eyes reverse Some crabs i made, inspired by john Morin best wishes Tcr
  7. Extreme stream, Yes i love to fish the coastal water. We use floating and slowintermedia lines. After a trip to the salt i always put my reel and line in a bucket of freshwater to get the salt aut Best wishes tcr
  8. Some shots from the past 11 days snow sunshine Seatrout today Best wishes Tcr
  9. Looking good sweden :headbang: Cheers Tcr
  10. Yes finally the winter came Best wishes Tcr
  11. tcr

    STF Shrimp

    A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by tcr: STF Shrimp
  12. :headbang: Great Tarpon fleys. Keep them coming :yahoo: I newer get tired of looking at some nice work Best wishes Tcr
  13. Those Crab look great. My only concern is that the leader will get tangled with the eyes. best wishes Tcr
  14. Now i see the bird . Green gras on the bank.same situation in Denmark. Last week in Tempelkrogen,Isefjord but dont you think the snow wil come soon chers Tcr
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