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  1. well heres 2 that i tied. i used them all day. even got my first double of the season. and i got these on them also. 10' crappie rod, ultra lite reel, and 6 poud test. not bad landing the 5 pound cat. took about 6 or 7 mins.... lol and this was from the other day also. 37 bluegills 3/4 to 1 1/4 pounds. these jigs are really hitting the spot. -chris
  2. i got a couple pics ill post tonight. pretty excited bout them. also i hear guys talking about a foam spider used as a bobber with one of our small jigs under it. ever heard of that? how do i tie a foam spider. i had a good weekend of fishing. the wife bought me a nice book on emergers type flies. i wanted more of a wet below the water book but thats what i ended up with. maybe i can get some ideas from that though. -chris
  3. heres what i tied. 1/124th oz jig. the one on the left is the jig i bought, the one on the right is my copy of it. couple things i noticed 1) i need more tail feathers 2) need hackle on head only not body ( not sure how to just get it there... i must had the hackle on wrong end of hook.) pic isnt the greatest off my cell phone. -chris
  4. just ordered some 1/124th oz jigs unpainted so ill have 36 to play with. now i just got to figure out what colors where and how im going to tie it. -chris
  5. just courious if some one has instructions or a general idea how to tie this one. i tried searching looking to see if there was a step by step on it. but came up in the wrong area or just couldnt find it. im looking for 1/124th oz or micro type jig for panfish. i dont have a pic of what i got but found this and its pretty close. it looks like a small jig head or bead head..... well kinda like making a scaled down version of a crappie bait. below is way to big though like these but maybe add a little more or some hackle or something to the body. same line as this but dress them up. if you want to tie your version and post a pic id appreciate it. im going to try to tie some wet flys or bluegill fly's i call them. i know this isnt hard for you experienced guys but im still green in the fly tying area. hit me with what you got for ideas white,green,orange, or pink, colored micro jigs. thanks -chris
  6. well guys i started this thread along time ago. havent been on board for bout a year, but ill post a pic. glad you guys kept it going. -chris
  7. any new pics guys? winter i know is slow, but could leave some neat pics too. -chris
  8. took the boy out to shoot the "army guy" gun. he wanted to wear his holloween out fit. made for a good picture. -chris
  9. thats sweet, post up some more chopper pics. the kid thought thats neat as well. -chris heres another outdoor pic............. thats how we change the oil in these parts........ :wallbash: -chris
  10. not sure, went there over the weekend for a lil vacation. i stayed in benton harbor and i took the red arrow highway north like 10 miles, its off of what the sign said was silver beach. i guess its between warren dunes and rocky gap.... sorry not to familiar with that area. but it was neat and fun. the 4 year old loved the beach. warren dunes was cool too. the semi off the beaten path beach rocky gap road was neat too. it was just north of the light house. O and the fresh peaches...... mmmm good why cant we have peaches here in ia/il... it took me back to GA as a kid when i bit into the fresh peaches.......... -chris heres a pic of the sunset from rocky gap beach. storm off toward chicago it looked like. -chris
  11. heres a couple from the weekend -chris
  12. well i was bored again today, and i got to thinking. i need a camera mount for my gun. so i started out searching the net. i kept landing on the universal mount for guns and bows. more than i wanted to spend. so im going to build my own. its going to mount on my AR. im going to use it for my 10.1 megapixel sony camera with video. im using a weaver scope ring, chunk of a inner tube, 1 bolt, washer, and nut. its going to mount on my quad rail. its going to be sweet. my AR has little recoil, and the camera has a no question 4 year warrenty. so i shouldnt have any problems. hope it works...... well heres my mount what ya think? it worked heres a vid, you can hear grandpa getting excited in the back ground....lol just click picture and wait for it to load. vid 1 vid 2 vid 3 with burst they look grainy thru photobucket, but on the orginal end here on the PC it looks sweet and is a bit bigger too. since then i set the menu to "fine" mode. those are recorded on standard. also the multi auto focus was on. i turned that off and set it to single focus spot and unlimited. they should get even better. -chris
  13. chrisfish wheres that water fall at? looks neat -chris
  14. that turtle fly is the neatest thing ive ever seen. i wish i could ty something 1/8 as good as that. my woolly bugger dont even look like a woolly....lol -chris
  15. they said at one time, not sure if this is still true. but the rock river is the best smallmouth fishery in IL. it holds some great cats. and alot cleaner and less fishy as the ones on the old mississippi. chrisfish i was in princeton today. gun show at the fair grounds. but got my scope mounted today what ya think -chris
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