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  1. Ha Ha I like the "weedless, sacrifice" fly idea! I usually tend to "high-stick" style nymphing without a indicator, its easier that way in the small, fast creeks I fish.
  2. Piker, this was the rig I was using in order on the leader: #1 Red, size 16, w/ fibers #2 Yellow, size 14, without fibers #3 Green, size 12, tungsten bead, without fibers
  3. Thanks a lot guys! After a little hunting expedition I found myself with some new feathers and felt a lil' inspired, I also made a neat little salmon fly outta them, too! Unfortunately, I don't know when I'm gonna go chasing trout next, so I just might give the gills a shot at it!
  4. Do It! And give us a picture when your done!
  5. I might have to give that one a shot, I'm over here in Central California, near Fresno. But hey, at least I'm right at the feet of the Sierra's! Oh yeah, on that unidentified trout, was the red streak on its gill cover? Or did it have a thin reddish-pink stripe along the lateral line with dark black barring?
  6. Thanks! These things are so easy to tie and are very effective on a Czech Nymph rig. So far yellow is the most productive!
  7. You HAVE to go after Golden Trout! Their small, but no picture I've ever seen can capture how beautiful they truly are!
  8. Beautiful river! Where in California is that?
  9. It is in California, but I was fishing in a creek with a native Kern River strain. Glad you like em!
  10. I finally got to try a new portion of my favourite creek and found something I was not expecting, Kern River Rainbows! They're not big by nature, but being native, they put up quite a fight, jumping in the air and tearing through logs. I only got six (after two I realized I had brought the camera!) plus two smallmouth, an invasive species, which have become established throught the local lake. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the Kern River Rainbows, because they are a beautiful fish with that barring on the side! P.S. While walking along the creek, I scared a bat out of it's hole and the stupid thing flew into a rock. I eventually revived him after some stick prodding! Enjoy! Thank You and Tight Lines, Carson LeBoeuf
  11. The feathers from the back of the bird with a slight indent at the tip make excellent crawdad claws
  12. Nice tie! I love the versatility of turkey tail fibers, but my favorite is to make stoneflys out of them
  13. Reminds me when I was in East Africa. Used a stick to tickle the ankle of a lady while someone shouted snake. It was funny but don't think her heart rate dropped below 160 for a time. Good fly BTW :lol:
  14. Has anyone tried THIS to make a leader?
  15. Magic Midge! (It would Be better to tie this one on a 28)
  16. Great flies! The action on those should be unresistible!
  17. Glad you guys like em. Just a tip though, don't try to tie in the feathers individually. Group two or three together and tie them as you would kip tail and just fork it. I just need to get out and see how it holds to a few fish...
  18. Aftera fairly long hiatus, I am trying to get back into tying and fishing "traditional" dries. But I am now armed with a new material, Pheasant Neck feathers! I used the white, fluffy feathers from the neck of the Ringneck Pheasant as a winging material. Enjoy! Thank You and Tight Lines, Carson LeBoeuf
  19. Wonderful flies, PT! I really like the way you show where the fly is most effective! I've been tying a lot of bass flies lately here are some of the newest creations. Enjoy! Thank You and Tight Lines, Carson LeBoeuf
  20. Glad you guys like it! Piker, where do you buy those swivels? They look like they'll be perfect for my use.
  21. The Sally Hansens 60 Seconds gloss coat works extremely well. But it's it's 8 bucks a bottle!
  22. Upon testing some of my early poppers with a wary eye, I noticed that if they were stripped for too long, they would begin to spin in the water. Then I noticed the front face was at an angle, which caused it to spin. So it gave me an idea for a new fly. On the fly below, I exaggerated the face problem be carving it at angle. The result is a fly that spins very fast in the water when stripped, it has awesome action, and creates a LOT of commotion. Oh yeah, before cementing the cork to the hook, I tied in a treble hook and after painting, cut off the single. I'll have to try to show the swim test of the fly, because it's very cool. Has anyone ever heard of a similar fly to this? Enjoy! Thabk You and Tight Lines, Carson LeBoeuf
  23. Great Tie! Black and Olive is my favorite color scheme!
  24. Orvis's 3/0 Thread is a good standard for salt water
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