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  1. Panama I found some cheapo bead chains at the dollar store a while back and bought a few different colors. Pink, orange, blue, clear and green. They come and go and now I wish I would have bought all they had even though I personally could never have used that many I could share a few. Just search through my totally unorganized materials and found a few extra strings. So I actually can share a few of these. Send me your mailing address and I'll shoot some your way.
  2. Mine will be heading your way tomorrow.
  3. I don't know what is going on with picture posting, but it drives me crazy since I'm a little tech. challenged. Shoot me an email and I'll send back a BIG photo. [email protected] Thanks
  4. Here's that little redfish seaducer tied on a number 4. Pretty easy tie. Start with a couple stands of gold flash then a small tuff of orange marabou. then grizzly hackles over them with a purple or black palmered body with plastic bead eyes. I switch around with blue, green, clear and orange eyes. Weedless if you like. http://i828.photobucket.com/albums/zz209/saltybum/th_BS2.jpg Piker might be right about the clear lines catching more $ than fish. But I will still try. Thanks for all the input.
  5. I am not in this swap as I just joined this forum a couple weeks ago. But I would love to see photos of the finished flies as I myself have only tied maybe four spun deer hair flies. Two of which have caught nice seatrout but I know I have a lot to learn about spinning hair. Thanks for all the inspiration on this site guys. I just noticed; the trout in my user photo was caught on white and olive deer hair slider I tied not too long ago. Hard to see but it is still in her mouth.
  6. Better look for gold. Those Federal Reserve Notes won't be worth squat much longer the way things are going.LOL Gotta keep yo sense of humor, I always say.
  7. Mine are tied and ready to go. I do have a question since I have not done a swap here before. How do you handle the return postage? Checking the swap rules page I didn't see anything on it. Thanks
  8. Sweet! That's the first report I ever got that one of my flies kicks butt. The liquid line that Bill had that I tried was a 9wt I think and it seemed ok. The 6wt I'm currently using is better than the PE Crystal but still leaves a lot to be desired. I think I'm going to cut ten feet or so off the butt and connect it to my Cabelas floating line after I cut ten feet off the front end of it. Certainly can't cast anywhere near the 90ft of it. I will let yall know how it turns out.
  9. I am trying to find a clear floating line or clear tipped line that handles well in temperatures less than 98 degrees. I have the Cortland Liquid which is fair after some serious stretching each trip and only when it is the hottest of days. Has anybody out there found something they like for more moderate temps? Monic, Airflo, others? I mostly wade fish the shallow flats here in East Central Florida for reds and trout. If I get crotch deep I'm really deep since most of the fish are knee deep or less. So a sink tip won't work for me there. I have intermediate clear tips but need a good floater. Lately the fish have been very skitish and the big gator trout didn't get that by being dumb. So any stealth is an advantage. Thanks in advance.
  10. Thanks for your input. I checked out your website. Lot of very interesting fish photos. Out of curiosity, how big was that one Barra in your pictures? Looked easy 30 plus. Beautiful fish for sure!
  11. I have a question concerning these snook flies. I am used to the larger variety on the East Coast of Florida and I am tying my flies on 3/0 hooks. The West Coast beach snook are usually fished for with tiny white baits on MUCH smaller hooks ( #2-4 ) since they average 16-24 inches where as the East Coast surf snook average 10-18 pounds plus. Should there be a minimum hook size for this swap? The guy who started this swap fishes for Baramundi and they get massive. Quite massive!
  12. I did the same thing with my first couple of flies except I over loaded the hair etc. Really added to lobsided swimming flies. Keeping it sparse as you did is better for sure. Keep tying and post up the fish you do catch on your own creations.
  13. I have been wading the flats a lot in the Indian River Lagoon for trout and reds and have yet to find a decent acting clear floating line or clear tipped floating. The water has been very clear lately and it seems to be a slight advantage for the larger smarter trout to avoid spooking them so easy. The Cortland Liquid is marginal right now and only behaves well after really stretching the snot out of it and only on the hottest of days. So who has had experience with other lines that are not so temp. sensitve etc? Winter is coming soon and I saw where Monic advertizes an all temp. clear line and clear tip lines. Anyone familiar with Monic lines. Thanks in advance.
  14. I'm new to this forum ( and fly fishing )and after looking at all the swaps going on my eye immediately focus on this SNOOK swap. I'm in. Only because I see I have time to tie a needlefish imitation that has worked very well for me on seatrout and I hear snook love needlefish. attached a shrimp I tied but they take me way too long to tie for this swap.
  15. Saltybum

    Baby crabs

    I'm using a Gamakatsu SL45 #6 and Owner 5106-031 #8
  16. Saltybum

    Baby crabs

    I have been seeing a lot of sheep head on the flats and tied these to hopefully get their attention. So So far no bites but I think they should work. They look good in the water. To me anyway. Just gotta figure out how to present them.
  17. The hook looks bent in the finished fly photos. Is than an optical illusion or are they actually bent? Gorgeous flies too!
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