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  1. I have a couple recipes that call for a product called Flash n Slinky, my local shops don't have it but I'm sure there a close alternatives. For those that have used it what are some close replacements? Thanks
  2. Before I tie a bunch of saltwater stuff, I just want to confirm the B10s is a saltwater hook?
  3. Supposed to be a redfish fly but not a lot of info out there, anyone have a recipe?
  4. I'm looking for suggestions of a few Louisiana redfish flies. I'm fishing the Venice area in June. My guide provides all flies, however I want to try a few patters and give them a shot just for fun. He suggested size wise 2/0's or 3/0's, tied ~5 to 6" in length. His "go to" fly is a variation of Dan Blanton's Whistler or a fly called "Willie The Pimp". Not a lot of info online about "Willie", at least that I can find (Was Frank Zappa a fly fisherman?). He likes flies that push a lot of water. Though water conditions dictate fly selection (crab, shrimp, baitfish) and color, he also suggested big crab patters that move some water for large black drum. 95% of the flies I find online are for smaller reds, very little on the size flies he suggests for bullreds & black drum. With that said how about a 2 or 3 suggestions that might be in the ballpark of what I'm looking for? (Please no deer hair, I plan on posting a separate thread on Willie the Pimp)
  5. I have this, really like it. Great light, movable, no heat. I didn't pay the Amazon price, got mine on eBay for a lot less. https://www.amazon.com/Lite-Dual-Head-Tying-Light/dp/B00AVNTEDA
  6. I have a Renzetti Presentation 4000 my wife got me 17 years ago. Beautiful vise, and machining. This past Christmas a buddy that is just starting to tie got a Peak. It's a great vise. Not quite as smooth, the machining not quite to the level of the Renzetti, but it holds a hook tight and easy to use. For 1/3 the price of my Renzetti it's a steal in my opinion. If I were buying a vise now the Peak would be my choice.
  7. As I posted some where else before, but Ill add a couple. 1. Tie, tie, and tie. 2. keep tying don't get discouraged even if flies look like crap. They still catch fish. 3. Pick on pattern, go buy that fly at a shop to use as a standard. Find a Youtube video shot in HD. Tie that fly over and over until it get to a quality you are happy with when matched to the fly you bought. 4. Don't forget #2 put the time in and you get better.
  8. These are for articulated freshwater streamers. As for the sizes, I'm sure you know there is no standard for hook sizing. Example the information I have shows the Gamma B10s 1/0 in hook length of 39mm. Looking at Allen's site the B200 #4 shows a length of 1 1/2"~1 9/16" which equals ~39mm (Allen's site actually shows the hooks on a piece or grid paper). Regardless, explain how the sizes don't match up? What am I missing? A cut and past on the Gamma Info: Hook length #14 -12mm -hook gap (shank to point) 4mm Hook length #12 -14mm -hook gap (shank to point) 5mm Hook length #10 -17mm-hook gap (shank to point)6 mm Hook length #8 - 20mm -hook gap (shank to point) 7mm Hook length #6 - 23mm - hook gap (shank to point) 9mm Hook length #4 - 25mm - hook gap (shank to point) 11mm Hook length #2 - 32mm - hook gap (shank to point) 13mm Hook length #1 - 35mm - hook gap (shank to point) 15mm Hook length 1/0 - 39mm - hook gap (shank to point) 16mm Hook length 2/0 - 42mm - hook gap (shank to point) 18mm As far as my articulated streamers I changed my hooks. I like round bend worm hooks. I get mine from BPS. Kevin BPS?
  9. Laser dub can definitely be used for the entire fly. I have some flies I tie with lots of different materials, however I'm a huge fan of simple. One material if tied creatively can make effective flies that are quick to tie. Quick is a good thing when using them to fish. One thing I hate is tying a super complicated fly that takes a half hour to tie, then loosing it to a tree because of a bad cast. Haha You make bad casts?!
  10. McFly's video pretty accurate? I think so... I mean there aren't any camera tricks or anything. Lol. Here is a video of a fly I tied with the home made stuff. I used both laser dub and the home made stuff so you can compare. I've seen a number of your vids, nice work. As for me I'm planning on using this stuff for heads on big Galloup/Schmidt streamers that call for wool or Laser dub. Thanks again!
  11. Anyone know closest thing the Mad Scientist has to Senyos Laser Dub?
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