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  1. I would make sure you have a solid underbody. I have peacock wrapped over some lead strip to build up a base for the hen feathers. I also use ultra wire for ribbing.
  2. I'll add a deer hair pattern for this month.
  3. add 147 and quinn...thank you gentleman. Quite a fun tie.
  4. Hitting some turkey and deer hair.
  5. Do you need a tool for this technique? I have been attempting to tie a paraloop griffiths gnat with cdc and hackle. Having trouble with the hackle being a little sparse.
  6. Decided to give foam more time on the vise.
  7. That is something I will have to try! Thank you by the way.
  8. Not sure why the pics are uploading sideways, but here's the fly from my original post in the "new pattern database"
  9. Not very big, but caught these two little ones in the middle of the day.
  10. Crackaig, I always appreciate your thoughts and experience. Can't figure out why the one pic is sideways.
  11. Inspired by the green caddis larvae by Letumgo.
  12. I hear ya about the hook stlye. I mainly fish some small ponds nearby that have a high rate of fishing pressure. A lot of bass, but not very big. Thank you for the advice.
  13. Rubber legs Ice Dub Heavy wire Zonker strip Marabou collar Glass beads
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