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  1. Yes, that's true. The Vanquish had a very slightly different material makeup, but the design was the same. The rest of the Lamson line all uses the same materials and design.
  2. A 3$ version, made in Utah. http://www.risingfish.net/product_detail/16/simple-hackle-holda
  3. I haven't tied on the Kingfisher, but the Peak Rotary is a great vise that I would recommend without hesitation.
  4. I've been using the Orvis Guide Sling for about a year and a half and I'm a fan as well. I do kinda cinch it up tighter/hold it up a bit if I'm making a wader-topping wade across a river, but generally don't have issues with it getting wet. I do like that there's a ton of room compared to my old chest pack, so it's easy to have water, a sandwich, and a rain jacket or extra layer (or room to take a layer off and stuff it away partway through the day). I generally don't carry too much gear though and it lays nice and flat when it isn't filled up and doesn't feel bulky. Also not an Orvis shill... only piece of their gear I own.
  5. Right handed - Cast right, reel right.
  6. I like some of the chironomid patterns over at flyfishfood.com. The Gut Bomb and Moose Buzzer are two of my favorites.
  7. Tiemco Ceramic is my workhorse. Have a few older ceramic insert bobbins (griffin, dr slick) and a few older all-stainless ones that see very little action.
  8. Who cares? I drive a Toyota, but I'm not going to swear off car-driving in general just because Ferraris exist and are expensive. Let the market do what it wants and vote with your own dollar to keep practical, affordable companies doing their thing. Complaining about wanting to 'go back to nightcrawlers' because some people with money want to waste it on frilly gear is silly, don't let it change your appreciation of what you do.
  9. I seem to be in the minority, but I really prefer mitten clamps. I also have a pair of long straight hemos just in case.
  10. 7'6'' 3wt (stiff rod, i often throw a 4wt line to slow it down a bit) 8' 5 wt (streams/creeks with less casting room) 9' 5wt (go-to trout setup) 9' 7/8wt (7 wt rod, and I overline with an 8 when throwing big bugs) I'll probably add a spey setup one of these days...
  11. I'm partial to my Nomad hand net. It has a large rubber bag that's very easy on fish, a big hoop so I can use it for carp, and it's composite rather than wood (meaning light-weight, good rubberized texture/grip, it floats, and if you accidentally step on the hoop or something it's far less likely to crack or snap than a wood net is). http://i.imgur.com/OOvY3vb.jpg ^photo poached from google image search
  12. First tip - ditch Cabelas and go to Idaho Angler (Overland and Vista). Tim, Dale, Sean or Louis will get you sorted out.
  13. Thanks - the little dishes are for hooks and beads. I'm trying to keep in the habit of tying a dozen of a pattern, so to grab the mats and set my hooks out (and beads if necessary, or multiple sizes... I have a few dishes to accommodate what I need) helps to keep me on track
  14. I was bored this weekend and threw together a little something. Pretty happy with it for ~25$ and a few hours worth of work. If I have extra space I'll fill it, and I try to keep things minimal so I tried to only include what I need. Still have thread and a few tools to move over, but here's a pic I snapped right when I finished it up. It's portable and fits on a TV tray so I can grab some materials and tie wherever. Being able to tie from the couch while hanging out with my lady makes her (and me) happier than having me holed up in my office in the evenings.
  15. I'm using Charlie Craven's Basic Fly Tying and would happily recommend it. Followed in order it starts out simple and adds a new technique with each new pattern. Each builds on the earlier stuff so it's a great progression to build a solid foundation of skills. Plus, the flies are all useful stuff that you'll actually fish.
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