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  1. Thanks for the wax suggestion; however, I found that it "greases" the connection between the spool bearings and the thread spool, thereby nullifying the effect of the pressure sleeve. However, the last two, pencil lead and facial oil have promise, and I'm going to try them next. I would have replied sooner, but the forum was down for several hours. SD
  2. I just bought a Stonfo Bobtec 1 bobbin, which I really like. The only problem is that when pressure is applied to the adjustment to tighten the spool bearings, it squeaks when I pull for more thread. I don't want to apply any oil to the spool bearings for fear of contaminating the thread. Any ideas how to prevent this? SpokaneDude
  3. The size of the hook is a 6, but I did notice that the wind was at my back while I was practicing... I should have noticed that right away, but was not paying attention... hopefully tomorrow will be different... Thanks everybody... you all have been of great help... I truly appreciate it... SD
  4. I have a brand new Echo Ion 9' 6 wt; I was practicing casting with a Buck Tail that had been de-barbed (hook cut at curve)... so, I loaded up my WF6F Rio Bass Freshwater line, with a furled leader (6' Moonlit Big Hog) and 4' of fluorocarbon tippet. So on the 2nd cast, and every one thereafter, the fly hits me in the upper right side of my back. What am I doing wrong? Was hoping to fish with it tomorrow in my inflatable pontoon boat on a local lake... obviously I need help! Thanks in advance.. SpokaneDude
  5. mike: I think you're right... now to just figure out what is "proper" exactly... :-} SD
  6. Meeshka: I have a video of him tying it; some tiers say the distance is important, others say not so...
  7. Good Day....this is my first attempt at tying the Clouser Minnow for bass fishing; with that in mind, how important is the distance of the eye dumbell from the eye of the hook? I have attached an image of what I have tied so far; my question is: if you look at the 2 flies on the top, you will notice that the eyes are set further back towards the hook bend... does this make any difference? Will these flies catch bass or trout (providing I do my part in casting and retrieving the hook-up)? I would like a critique also as to what I could do better. Thanks in advance... SD
  8. Thanks Mike... that makes a lot of sense... I'll give it a go! SD
  9. Doing some research for what I need to get for Bass fishing in a local lake; for what I've read so far, I see only fly line and leader, no mention of using a tippet. Is this the way to fish bass? If so, how do I attach the hook to the leader? Somehow I can't believe what I am reading... and are ALL lines for bass fishing floating lines? SD
  10. Thanks guys... whatfly has exactly what I was looking for, but didn't know how to describe it... it will work perfectly attached to the bottom of the box. Interesting that the newer boxes have the eyelet; I have been in contact with the Tacky folks, asked the same question, and didn't get a reply.... interesting, to say the least! Thanks again everybody... SD
  11. I have several Tacky Fly Boxes to store all of my flies in; the problem is they don't have any appendage that you could hook a safety cord on so when it accidentally gets dropped into the lake or on a stream, it's not gone for good. Does anybody have any ideas for how to attach some kind of safety cord on them? I don't want to use any type of fishing line, was more thinking of the rubberized curly lines with snap swivel on each end. I know it's probably a long shot, but someone out there must have come across the same issue and solved it. :-} SD
  12. I tried using small wire, but it broke (probably my fault for not setting the "machine" up correctly), so I went to brassie size and it worked like a charm! I've always had problems when I use the "two finger" method, and this solves that problem... Thanks again for the suggestions, I appreciate them. :-} SD
  13. Thanks guys... I never considered that the thread would unravel... duh! SD
  14. I just purchased a Cyclone Dubbing Brush Spinner from J. Stockard; the directions say to use thin wire. I was wondering if I could get away with using colored thread that would match the color of the body rather than thin wire?
  15. Thanks everybody for the input... I'll see how it goes next week, when I hope to give some of them a try... SD
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