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  1. What is the wheel thing at the back suposed to be called and what does it do?
  2. I guess the pictures did not load eh? Keep trying, you'll get it to work. EDIT : Unless its my side of the net.
  3. I'm going to use for my first vise a Super AA once I get into flytying more, (thats if I do, after i give it a shot.) I'll try the Metz Best 1 vise
  4. What is ccg? crystal clear goo?
  5. Who here likes the "Brassie"? It will be the first fly I'll tie. Feel free to upload pics of your Brassies. EDIT : Or show or however you display pictures of your Brassies.
  6. True, Allthough I am from,Hamilton (which is not far from London), he is quite busy at times. EDIT: He's going to teach me to flyfish sometime.
  7. ok, ill look btw my name is kirk too Its a good name. I named my canoe Enterprise cause my friends called me Captain Kirk. Some years later when I was guiding, I had a Captain's license and was Captain Kirk, officially. lol my dad named me after captain kirk
  8. I'll talk to john about it. I will keep it on the table ok? I'm going to buy a custom beginner's kit from him in April Edit: The candian flytyers link won't load.
  9. I see, But is John right about waiting before trying it?
  10. My friend "John Ritchie" who is a flytyer/fisher and sells materials tools boocks at home buisness in london ontario canada called "JFM aka John's flytying materials", (id link ya but i dont think im allowed) Said this to me in a email reply to my email My email to him: are any of these good for beginners? what ones should i try? -------------------------------------------------------------- from: american flytying manual --------------------------------------------- badger spider black beetle black ant cinnamon ant picket pin fledermaus tups indispensable little green caddis beaverpelt cress bug mosquito larva ------------------------------------ from: nymph fishing rivers and streams --------------------------------------------- miracle midge cream midge ------------------------------------------------------ His reply: I would start with spider ant picket pin mosquito do a few of each till u get used to handling the tools anything with a dubbed body can be frustrating at first so practice learning how to do a dubbing loop till u have that down pat then try some of the fur body flies leave midges to end they seem easy but u need to have proper size threads and materials and some experience with the pressure you can use when tying or you will get frustrated with threads and material breaking and getting the proper proportions- also trout seem to be more picky on midge proportions so u want the them looking right. Cheers John ------------------------------------------ So prince fly may be to harrd to start with, I'll ask him sometime.
  11. Well it doesent really matter at first to me. I just want to get the hang of fly tying any beginner fly.
  12. What are some good beginner fly tying books and fly patterns? For the flies can somebody liast 10 fly patterns?
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