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  1. Gartside Double Gurgler. Tight lines from the Upper Delaware River and Narrowsburg, NY. TR http://www.gonefishingguideservice.com/flies.htm
  2. Big Bad Red Hook: Tiemco T100 #14 and #16 Thread: Uni 8/0 - Rusty Dun Wing: Snowshoe Rabbit Tail: Microfibbetts Abdomen: Peacock Quill - Stripped and Dyed Thorax: Borden's Hare-Tron - Gray ------------ Hendricksons in one to weeks. Tight lines from the Catskills and Upper Delaware River, TR
  3. Hello Will. Thank you for the kind words. Kind regards and tight lines from the Catskills, Tony Ritter
  4. Hello. Micro chenille was singed with flame to form a bit of a taper. Chenille tied in but the taper only goes a tad past the bend of hook. Clipped off balance of chenille. Tie in Krystal Flash (doubled strand). Tie in Sparkle Emerger Yarn both sides. (heavier on one side) Dub body with {tan] [green] [grey] dubbing. Wind Krystal Flash around dubbing to form segment and tie off. Form bubble..., etc. etc... Tight lines, TR
  5. Good morning. Well, it is Super Bowl Sunday. Green (Seattle Seahawks) Orange (Denver Broncos) Both good colors for caddis...so why not? Thank you Gary LaFontaine and Tim Fox. Tight lines from the Catskills, Tony Ritter http://www.gonefishingguideservice.com/flies.htm
  6. Thank you for the kind words. On these emerger pattern, I usually use a: Maruto 206BL and vary the size for the mayfly pattern. #14 for the Hendrickson. #16 for the Sulphur. I'll also use the TMC 2457, a heavier hook, for the larger patterns - March Brown and Isonychia. Tight lines from the Catskills and Upper Delaware River. Tony Ritter http://www.gonefishingguideservice.com/flies.htm
  7. A sampling of Snowshoe Breakout Emerger - Triptych. Tight lines from the Catskills, TR
  8. If I had to pick just one? PT's! (for those feisty wild Upper Delaware River 'bows!)
  9. Many thanks. I will bookmark it. They or he must have changed the name in the past few weeks. I searched via google and none of the .jpgs, .htmls or recipes were pointing to danica. Much obliged. TR
  10. Greetings from the Catskills and Upper Delaware River. Does anybody know if the Danica site with the database of flies, videos and tyers is still on the net? Having trouble locating it. Many thanks, tight lines and happy holidays, TR
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