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  1. Thanks for the reply....I have attempted tying this a few more times since posting here (have not been back to check the responses).
  2. I am hoping some practice with tying this up will improve the final product. I am using Bug Off UV cure resin to trap the color in/on Nymph Skin. Any advice people can provide to improve this I am all ears, feel free to say it looks good too lol.
  3. Recently ordered some bug off uv resin for fly tying. I see a wide selection of UV lamps ranging from 10 bux to 35 (for loon light). Can anyone recommend something less expensive than the loon torch that will get the job done. Chris
  4. Here is the response from SA customer support "Thanks for getting in touch with us. The SharkWave Ultimate Trout is a textured line and as such you never want to use any sort of cleaner or conditioner on the line. It will actually clog the texturing and attract grime and debris, rendering the texturing ineffective. The best way to clean any line is with warm water and a small amount of hand soap. You can apply the hand soap to a wet cloth and run the line through it. The line can then be rinsed in cool, fresh water and laid in loose coils to air dry."
  5. I have contacted them directly (email) and will post the response in here in the event someone else is inquiring in the future. The line feels significanlty different that the material used for my previous line, this is the only reason I am curious about line conditioners.
  6. lots of detail on the product but nothing pertainig to the use of line conditioner OR did you see something that I am not???
  7. Can you treat this line with normal fly fline conditioner or is there a specialty product for it?
  8. Cant wait to slap the Hardy Ultralight DD on this and pull out some browns
  9. Hello all, I have about 200 failed ties from the last 7 or so years that I would like to reclaim the hooks on. Obviously I could sit there and cut away the material off of each hook (but I would rather spend that time tying), does anyone have a method for removing the material from a large number of hooks that doesnt degrade the quality of the hook?? I have considered putting them in a pot and burning them with a torch, but not sure how the heat will impact the metal. Regards, Chris
  10. I have fished the sparkle pupae 3 ways, 2 of which seemed to be very productive 1) bottom bouncing and then stopping the line for a fast upswing to the surface (this has landed me some of the bigger trout). 2) in the surface film swinging the fly infront of the rising trout (this lands trout, but larger trout in my river seem to stick to the bottom). 3) as you would a mayfly emerger (little success). So riding the surface film for prolonged periods of time may only trick less picky fish, but this pattern fished in the surface the typical wet fly way produces a large number of trout for me (between 12-16").
  11. Hello all, I have a question about caddis emergers, During June/July one of the rivers I fish has an overlap in various caddis species emerging (spotted sedge, black caddis and tan caddis). While I can see that the adults of these species may have their own coloration/patterns I am curious if there are noticable differences in nymph and emerger stages. I typically use a sparkle pupa for my caddis emergers and while I suspect the trout are focusing on the effects of the antron more than the coloration of the thorax and body, I am curious if trout would see (and focus) on these body parts (body/thorax). Or my question, more easily asked is : "should I have seperate emerger fly for the above mentioned caddis" Thanks
  12. I have been fishing a st croix avid for 12 years...been a good rod with very forgiving casts. I am looking to purchase a new rod (my avid is a 2 piece and I want a 4 piece), and I fish both nymphs and dry (depending on whats happening) and I think a moderate-fast would work well for me. I am curious what rods in my price range people might suggest? Thanks
  13. Its been just under a year since I last posted on this site. I use to have the handle tightlines, but my email addy has changed since so I guess Im stuck with a new member login and info. For those of you who dont remember me, I live on the Grand River 1/2 Km west of wellington 29 (some of my favorite fishing spots 1 min down the road). I was curious if any memebers were competing in this years Canadian Fly Fishing Championships?? I bet the fish will be hook shy up in this neck of the woods after next weekend It was nasty hot up here today, and still the rivers were crowded. This no overcast, clear low waters is making things a bit trickier than usual but its still a great day. I dont have a picture, but I landed a 22" female (in spawning colors) last weekend and hooked into something that took me to backing 2ice before breaking the line (damn 3lb leaders). The drakes this year were massive and in large numbers, I havnt seem them out an about so Im thinking the few cold nights we had fished off the hatch. The good news is that the Iso's are starting up so next weekend the steak and taters will be bringing large fish to the surface. I expect some big points from the teams this year. There is a pub on the River called The Goofie Newfie and if anyone wants to meet up for beers, look for me, Ill be there. Tightlines
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