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  1. Using hair from the tail on jigs for walleye. Two different colors that I use on each jig tied to hook shank. Tieing on each side of hook & keeps wanting to spin.
  2. Having a hard time tieing with deer hair. Hair always wants to spin around hook shank even with loose wraps & pull bobbin straight down to tighten. Any suggestions?
  3. Been looking on internet on how to make soft salmon eggs, can't find anything. Last year a fellow from Alaska tied a fly that looked really good egg fly. He was going to do a video on how to do it, but got caught up with projects before the snow. I have done egg patterns for steelhead here in Erie Pa. I wanted to try something different, any help would be appreciated
  4. Been hearing about a cotton candy fly guys have been using here in Erie for Steelhead. Does anyone know what materials are used for this fly? Would like to tie some & try them out this fall for steelhead
  5. Just curious has anyone tried making a Christmas ornament fly? Thought about doing one for the kids this year. Possibly putting one in a clear bulb to hang on tree if I can get it inside. Any ideas or pictures of some would be helpful. Thanks
  6. An SBS would be much appreciated Mark
  7. I liked the egg clusters Mark. How did you for them on the hook? Small pieces one at a time?
  8. My buddy & I are interested in fishing the FFO section of stream. Just wondering if it would be worth the trip from Erie. I fished McConnells Mill when I was a lot younger, didn't fly fish then.
  9. Just got some mink fur & was wondering what flies I might tie with it
  10. Been steelhead fishing in Erie tribs I have been using Berkley Vanish 2x & Maxims Ultragreen 2x leader as tippet material. I keep having problems of my knots coming undone after hooking a fish. I have tried an improved clinch knot and tried a Pitzen knot. I make sure they are tight. Is this ok for tippet material or should I buy regular fluorocarbon in 2x. If I tighten it to tight it breaks.
  11. I was some jungle cock capes on eBay from Estonia for $35 plus $9.50 for shipping. I want to the some salmon & steelhead flies. A few questions is that a good price? What to look for when buying them? A few had split nails, I think that is probably the very end of the feather. Am I right. Thanks for the replys.
  12. Kevin Hodspadar uses 14,lb. Test fireline for his go to intruder fly for lake Erie Steelhead. It is about $20 for a spool. I was wondering if there is something cheaper I could use?
  13. It is called yarn bee gilt eyelash. I am pretty sure I saw root beer will check to make sure. I plan on sharing with my fly fishing buddy. I told him this morning at Bible study I had something for him but he would have to wait till I get my presents. Will see him next Thursday morning
  14. My birthday is coming up in a few days. My adult children ask me what I wanted as a gift. I was at hobby lobby craft store just looking around for material I could use for fly riding. In the yarn section I found material that looked exactly like estaz. It comes in various colors, and a skein just like yarn. I bought the skein for $4.44 with tax and a 40% off coupon. The kids got me purple & key lime green. I will go back & get more colors. I should have a life time supply. A lot cheaper than a fly shop
  15. Just started making my own shanks out of 19gauge annealed wire. The first few look a little rough but I am sure they will get better. I haven't tried them yet, will try some on tube flies in the next few weeks. Thanks for sharing this idea, the bead pliers make it more easy.
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