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  1. Wait just a dog-gone minute there Poop, I saw your last deerhair-dragon tail popper and it looked like righteous bass tucker to me. Don't you try to buffler me.😁But thanks, I appreciate it. The pike season will have to wait a minute. My boat's still in the shop and I'm leaving on a ten day trip to the salt on Wed. I'll try to drown that duck when I get back. Really, thanks bud.
  2. And I'm more excited about that than anything else right now.
  3. Nice. It looks like you were rassling in the mud with him.
  4. It's duck season. No it's pike season. This full size duckling is tied on an 11/0 Hook with deer belly hair and felt feet and bill. It only took me three hours to tie it but I'd love to catch a huge pike on it.
  5. I really appreciate seeing the whole bug. Those are very nice. If you get another chance could you do one with the tails? I'd love to see that. I'd use it for the wall paper on my 'puter.
  6. Yep, it's starting to sound better all the time. I'm going to get a guided trip for this one so all i have to do is fish.
  7. I have a strange, overwhelming urge to visit Lake Havasu next time I'm in Arizona for the Tucson gem and mineral show. Those big guys would be a kick on a fly rod. Anybody know the best time to fish for those big redears in Havasu? I did a search but it turned out pretty ambiguous. I might have to call someone.
  8. That's all Latin to me, just like the bugs name. I'll leave all that fancy stuff to you guys. If I try to put some of that stuff in my brain, I'm sure something else will fall out the other side. I'm glad you like it though, that way we get to see cool pictures.
  9. After I got the burl, I let it spalt in my yard for about two years. Three years would have been too much. There were softer spots in it but not to the punky point. I stabilized the bowl as I went along with CA glue. And, as you can see, I left it a little thick. I would have liked the walls to be a little thinner but I didn't want it to blow apart.
  10. I don't have a problem with him keeping it. I just think it's ridiculous to hold them way out in front. You're not fooling anyone. It makes the picture incredible as in "Not Credible". Isn't it like a guy who wears a cod-piece. 😊(Get it, cod-piece? Now that's a good pun, I don't care who you are.) PS, you aren't wrong. (not this time, anyway) It's your opinion and opinions, by definition, can't be wrong.
  11. Nice bug, do you have an un-cropped version? I'd love to see it with the leg and wing tips. What a neat bug.
  12. I don't know why those guys always have to hold there arms way out. Seems like you wouldn't need to do that on a new world record. Anyway, nice fish. https://www.facebook.com/100057652591957/posts/212304537367965/
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