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  1. When I left Central Minn. 40 years ago we were having to wait till Dec. to start ice fishing. Now I wonder if they get to ice fish at all.
  2. I'm putting the house out this w/end. I'm excited about it. Thanks for the kudos. We like burbot. We haven't kept any in a long time though. We try to keep the slipping and falling to a minimum. They hurt and I don't want to bust a hip.
  3. You are quite a gentleman Mr. Deck. We'll make it a run next year.
  4. So far, they are not a huge problem up here. 🤞
  5. Yep, they tie up fast and they are productive. Merry Christmas all.
  6. Thanks Poop, This winter, it's the regular four; rainbow, char, LL silvers and LL kings, plus a new species. A breeding population of burbot (some locales call them eelpout or lawyer) made it into the lake a few years ago and they are doing great. I caught about 12 out of the lake last year. The biggest was 37 inches long. Lots of fun. We are allowed to fish 2 poles, ice fishing, so I usually fish one tipped with home cured shrimp or salmon egg and 1 jigged with nothing. Unsurprisingly, the one that is not tipped with bait catches most of the big fish while the baited one catches most of the other fish.
  7. I'm proud to be amungst a group of such fine gentlemen and women. Thanks for the challenge.
  8. I've heard of those, and I always look. Crooks huh...
  9. Thanks, those are 1/8 oz. They were pre-painted. I have others in all white and silver head and other weights. Some I paint and some I don't.
  10. 18 Jigs for ice fishing this season. I tied them in the most effective style and color for our lakes. It's been very productive.
  11. Well, thanks for the kudos. Well need to wait for a report on the movement. All my water is frozen and I won't know till I try them in April. I can bend them into a "U" by hand right now. Water and whipping them around will help when I use them. I'll flex them a bit when I use them too. We'll see....
  12. You could put it in "Classified"
  13. OK, I got started on a Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer fly for Christmas. I'm looking for volunteers to help finish it. 😁
  14. For some reason, I always thought he'd be rough on turkeys. Who knew?
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