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  1. Thanks for the fast replies, I probably should have mentioned i am considering the change more for dry flies rather than lures (streamers in USA). But i mainly fish bigger lakes and loughs and most of the time its from the bank.. thats why i'm looking for the same distance with a lighter rod if possible.
  2. Hi Guys. Apologies if this has been posted before or is a stupid question, But I've always used 10ft #7/8 weights with fast actions for lakes and loughs as i like to horse the line out at distances when needed. But I've been told to drop down to a lighter rated rod like a #6 weight as its better sport and my standard set up is over kill (i mainly fish for trout). My question is can i cast the same distances with the lighter rod? assuming i have the skill ofcourse i know personal ability is a factor. Like i said probably a stupid question but i could do with knowing understanding more about it. Thanks
  3. cheers capt bob that's actually very helpful and cheers for taking the time to write that it does seem complicated but atleast I like a challenge haha
  4. All Information taking onboard frankly I don't care much about the rod they are cheap so im not worried but I wasn't sure how it was joined I still will probably mess around with it as im getting a new rod anyway, Flytire I really dislike the locking system on the agility lol Thanks guys.
  5. As the topic says I am wondering if I can change my reel seat section, I know all rods will be different but I am interested in the Shakespeare Agility to be exact, id love to know how or if you can change them as I prefer different reel seat. Anyone have any knowledge or know how with these rods?. Thanks.
  6. Thanks For the advice guys, my normal set up is 9ft #7, just wanted to give the wee rod a blast and I did the other day was great fun as it being very light I was just worried but was great and fish fresh after it still as most stockies here are. Turns out the owner even prefers using a 7ft#5
  7. No problem thanks guys, Good point Vicrider didn't consider that!
  8. Thanks I am just used to bigger rods but I wasn't sure what strain the smaller rods could cope with.
  9. Hi guys, as the title suggests I am wondering what a 7ft #4 weight rod and line could handle? I fish a fishery most time although I bought this for a river and know its fine for rivers as its a small river rod however I am curious as to what you would say their limits are. I am just itching to try it out but as rivers are not so great at the moment I wanted to try it at the lake majority of the trout being 3-7 lb hard fighting. Thanks in advanced.
  10. Brilliant Fly and technique always works well, I've found on mine I get a lot more fish with small bright ball of thread at the arse of the fly. Green, Pink, Orange for example and even done it at the eye aswell very effective!.
  11. Thanks Tidewaterfly much appreciated and nice flies there
  12. Hi guys thanks for the replies really helped a lot, I was out today and had 3 on zonkers Bryson I done what you said and yeah they do like to hit it on the pause lol Tidewater yes I am indeed using rabbit strips, what other ways do you tie them?
  13. Hi, I apologise if this has been asked on here before I done quick search didn't find much. I have been fishing buzzers dries and lures for years and of course even tying my own, but I had never actually fished a zonker, until today that is, but I want to know what is the best way to fish them. I had a few chase it tonight just by stripping it fast but if there's a correct or more affective method id like to know more. Thanks
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