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  1. Mike, Welcome, my friend. Have a great holiday season, yourself. All the Best from Nashville- Stack Scoville
  2. I am planning to attend. Best from Nashville- Stack Scoville
  3. To all of our friends in Scotland and Great Britain, be resolute and steadfast in these trying times. We must never give in to these heathens- Stone Age people with automatic rifles, computers and remote controlled detonators- determined to dominate the world! May the Great Democracies based on constitutional law, freedom of expression, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, and representative government by consent of the governed never die! Best from Nashville- Stack Scoville
  4. Larry, Whatever you to, DON'T BUY ANYTHING ELSE!! Sell the lot, or give it to Goodwill, and take the tax deduction. Take what ever you can salvage and invest in a reputable brand of bowling ball and bowling shoes! Much less frustration, FOR YEARS TO COME!! However, knowing you probably won't follow good advice, may I wish you "Tight threads and Bright Heads!" Best from Nashville- Stack Scoville
  5. After you plug it in, place the materials that you wish to blend, add enough water so that there is plenty of room to "slosh around". Some would add a drop of liquid detergent, to act as a wetting agent. Blend for 15-30 seconds or so. If you used no detergent, let the mass air dry and there you go. If you used detergent, naturally you will need rinse thoroughly then dry. Hope this is useful. All the Best from Nashville- Stack Scoville
  6. Graham, I have a laptop in my tying room. I am trying to save myself having to download each shot to see it on the computer. I would like to have the computer act as the LCD on the back of the camera. That way I know I have the shot, depth of field and focus I desire, before taking the photograph. Best From Nashville- Stack Scoville
  7. I own a Nikon Coolpix 885 for macrophotgraphing flies and tying steps. It works beautifully. However, when I connect the camera to my computer with the USB cable, the camera will only work to transfer photos previously loaded onto the memory card. This is the normal operation. What I would like to do is connect the camera to the computer and be able to see (enlarged) the image in the camera's viewfinder/LCD BEFORE taking the photograph-with the camera still connected to the computer. The purpose is to know that I have a "keeper" photo on the computer before going to the next tying step. Downloading each photo one at a time after each tying step is rather time consuming, as you might guess. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Feel free to contact me by email if you prefer. Best from Nashville- Stack Scoville [email protected]
  8. Thanks for the information, one and all. Best from Nashville- Stack Scoville
  9. Not that is so expensive to replace, but is anyone aware of a solvent for super glue? I have a bottle with a brush applicator that is becoming very viscous. It really is thicker now than the gel super glue, and very difficult to "manage". Anyone have any ideas? Best from Nashville- Stack Scoville
  10. Weather permitting, I will be on Tiers' Row all three days. Stop and say "hello". Best from Nashville- Stack Scoville P.S. Hey, Irish, can you bring my certificate with you? I will be glad to save you the postage! :hyst:
  11. Gregg A, I do not understand what difference it makes to you if "lurkers" are purged or not? The number of "non-posters" visiting the site doesn't matter to me. Obviously, they do not add to the discusssion. However, perhaps their greatest contribution is their silence!! Just curious. Happy New Year to All!! Best from Nasvhille- Stack Scoville
  12. Fishigan, Please, call me "Stack". My friends here on the Forum and those at home do- family name and all. And to all, a good night! All the Best for the Holidays from frosty Nashville to ALL on the Forum, especially all the Dudes! Stack Scoville
  13. Man, I love getting into the Christmas spirit!! B. f. N.- HO HO HO! :yahoo: :hyst:
  14. Dude, yes! Of course that is what I mean. If someone is bidding just to drive up the bid, he may get stuck with the item-having paid for it!! This is how free market capitalism works! There is nothing any bidder "should have" (to quote you) except what the high bid will buy. If you want an item, pay for it! You apparently do not like the fact that someone has the ability/resources FOR WHATEVER REASON to outbid you. Sorry! But if you were the seller you would not have a problem with it! B. f. N.- Stack Scoville
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