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  1. Received Rockworms flies yesterday. What awesome ties these are. Thanks for the extras also. :headbang:
  2. Just in case you are wondering, they did go out on the 7th. I didn't lag this time. :headbang:
  3. I also use siteground. very good company and their customer service is great. they have a 24 hour chatline where somebody is always available to help you.
  4. Mayfly Spinner 1. Stony - 2. riffleriversteelheadslayer - 3. juice - 4. chrisfish - 5. rockworm - RECEIVED 6. Worstcaster - 7. ronc23 - 8. professori -
  5. Just got Ron's in the mail today. They will be going out tomorrow...................and I promise I wont lag this time. :hyst:
  6. rcvd professori's today. one to go. Nice flies Professori. You are going to like his.
  7. We have gone a few more months without any drops. It looks like we have a fine group of tyers here that just may survive till the end of the year. 1. Stony 2. riffleriversteelheadslayer 3. RDL 4. juice 5. chrisfish 6. rockworm 7. Worstcaster 8. ronc23 9. Professori :yahoo:
  8. Cool, I'll be on the lookout for them. Just finished mine up. It's a foam body cripple dun.
  9. I am the king of laggers and I apologize. They all went out today. :dunno: :dunno: :dunno:
  10. stony

    Superfly 2008

    We finished 4th overall. What a fun tournament. Absolutely awesome. My partner won the top rod award too for having the most inches of fish as an individual and won a brand new orvis helios. talk about a prize. Other than that, completely fun and I never lost my flies.
  11. stony

    Superfly 2008

    Heading out tomorrow to do a little pre-fishing and then Saturday...................it's on. Wish me luck guys. I'll definitely need it.
  12. Mayfly Dun 1. Stony - COMPLETE - 2. riffleriversteelheadslayer - RECEIVED 4. juice - RECEIVED 5. chrisfish - RECEIVED 6. rockworm - RECEIVED 7. Worstcaster - RECEIVED 8. ronc23 - RECEIVED 9. professori - RECEIVED
  13. I received Riff's and Ron's. Ron only sent me the flies from last months swap so he will still owe for the mayfly emerger. I am going to get these out tomorrow and we will be pending Ron's
  14. I have 5 sets mailed to me right now. I am pending RonC23's and Riffs.
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