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  1. Nice to hear good things about the mongoose. I don't tie small flies (yet). I didn't think about opening my boxes and leaving them in the house somewhere the day after fishing, the A/C should help with some of the moisture, right? Thanks for the zerust name. A quick search on amazon found some cheap and more than I need. I also got to looking at those Umpqua boxes. A little expensive for my taste (might be my problem). For that kind of price I want a nice wood box with a custom carved image or text on it I may order one in a few months to just give them a shot. I will say that amazon's selection on cheaper, but okay looking, fly boxes is getting better. Anyone here order from FlyFishFood? He has a discount on the Montana Mongoose, but I have never ordered anything from there. Thanks, DLR
  2. We heat our descant at work to remove the moisture, but it's at a pretty high temp and it takes a little bit, probably wouldn't take as long for that small of an amount though. I know if we have an air leakage in the system, the descant takes no time to be used up. I more than likely wouldn't bother to try and regen it. I feel like it is probably a mixture of cheap hooks and the humidity between here and the FL trips that has been hard of the flies. I saw a sponge on a panel door I was putting up the other night that said something about preventing rust. May have to check in to it. I don't think it is so much just the peak I don't like, but that style of jaw locking it has. I feel like the norvise, mongoose, etc... style would be better, for me anyway. I gotta make my way to a fly shop in the next weeks to check it out. That is pretty crazy your friend has kept flies he fishes with that long. Being in a kayak for most of my fishing, at least it'll be easier to track down the floating box! Anyone use boxes without foam? How'd it affect your flies (putting kinks in materials, making flat spots, etc)? I feel like a lot of my flies start rust right around where the hook comes out of the foam.
  3. No experience with them things, but I live way to close to have never tried it. I've read online reports and seen pictures of some nice TN muskies though. I do know you can expect to see way more fish than you catch, if you catch any! At the same time, they'll follow your lure and still bite it right at the boat. Ever seen some one do the "figure 8"? Those fish ain't skeerd of nobody!
  4. I know I need to dry things out before putting them up. Most of the time when I get through fishing in my kayak, half of my lures are sitting on the deck in front of me because I don't put them up wet. I've taken a fly box with me in FL, never cast a fly while down there but have the box with me while fishing, and still loose flies to rust. Heck I even use a spinner bait box that suspends the spinner baits (and buzz baits) so they'll dry. The silica packs are a good thought. I may have to do this. Although being a descant, they will eventually loose their ability to soak up moister so a few new ones every so often would probably help a lot. Especially down here in the humid south. I think a drying agent (silica) + sealed boxes + drying flies sounds like a winner. I will have to get some packs of descant soon. I'll check out those boxes, too, thanks. Found this week's vise thread, thanks. It had a link to the "what vise do you use" thread. I think I am leaning towards something like the Montana Mongoose by Griffin. I really like the looks of the locking mechanism. The way the cam lock works on the Peak makes me not like it, plus the shaft height I feel is a little small. I really got to thinking about it and I use the true rotary function a lot. I only use it occasionally for the fast wrapping of materials, but I still find it super useful while tying anything else. But I don't want to pay the money for the regal revolution. Thanks guys, DLR
  5. Been a while since I was able to ty (or is it tie? see it has been to long) due to work and school. My break between semesters just started and I was able to setup my fly tying space (just moved in to this house a year ago). I have had absolutely terrible luck with entire boxes of flies catching a case of the rusty.. I picked up a cheapish fly box about a year ago that had an o-ring style seal around the lid. These flies are still in decent shape. What boxes do you guys use to keep your flies in good shape? Anyone use any kind of rust preventer in their boxes? I fish mostly out of a kayak for bass and other sunfish with the occasional saltwater trips to the panhandle, so I prefer a larger style box, but I'm okay with the larger pocket size ones. Also, I have a certain distaste for my Peak rotary vise. It has been okay, but I never liked the handle for clamping hooks or the jaws themselves (I currently have a broke pin going through it, but have been making due). I've been eyeballing the regal vises, but I have yet to go find somewhere that will let me play with their vises to see what I may like. My desk can't use a clamp style, but do any of you guys use something like the Oasis benches with a clamp style? Do you like it? Got some picks? I also want one with a slightly longer shaft than the peak, and have the vise jaws extend past the base like the regal appears to be. Thanks, DLR
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