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  1. I'm back in as well. And as Fishingbob has asked, are any patterns with a classic style wing acceptable?
  2. PJ2, I don't know how you're doing it but I commend you! I'm only in two swaps and was admittedly a little late this go around. I'm sticking with only two because I know three would bury me and I wouldn't be able to keep up. In fact, the whole reason I joined these two swaps is to MAKE me sit down and tie. I have decided to go back to school (for some damn reason haha) and I am taking courses online while working. I knew if I didn’t have an obligation to sit down and tie then it would go by the wayside. I may not hop on and post as often as I'd like but this i going to help keep me sane!
  3. Yeah, like the stupid Clinch River right by me! I still haven't figured this stupid river out. I can be on the water in just a little over 45 minutes, counting putting on my waders and rigging up and I usually will drive further to get into the Smoky Mountains because I can catch far more fish there. There have been more days I've been skunked on the Clinch than anywhere else and when I ask guys what they're catching fish on the answer 4/5 times is a size 20/22 midge...the same thing I’d been using! I have no idea what makes my midges less appealing!! Rant over haha. Long story short, the Clinch here north of Knoxville is another place that has some pretty big fish feeding on some pretty small stuff.
  4. Hey guys, I know I'm running a little behind, but mine should be hitting the mail tomorrow. Hopefully they get there in time!
  5. Flies are tagged and ready. They will hit the mail tomorrow.
  6. I'll be tying a pheasant tail pattern. Glad I made it in for round two, looking forward to it!
  7. Vic, it would have been a great place for you to land for sure! I'm not native to the area but my wife is so thankfully we won't be leaving anytime soon unless the salary is too much to turn down. With some luck I can hammer down some solid bass spots this year. I started fly fishing when I moved here from Nebraska for grad school a few years ago and have targeted solely trout but this year my goal is to really go after the smallies nearby...there are also some damned carp I've never been able to catch too. No doubt an excellent area to be for an angler and I've love to show it off.
  8. Sweet, I'll get to tying! I work in Knoxville and recently moved just a little ways west to a town called Kingston right in some good bass water. I learned to fly fish targeting trout and now bass (and hopefully their flies) are next on my proficiency last. It's a good hike from Kingsport so I can't say I've fished those waters yet. But it's because I'm blessed with the Clinch and the Smokies in my backyard! The South Holston is in my hit list this spring though.
  9. I'm in if there's room! If I'm too late and there's a list for an alternate let me know if I can fill in anywhere!
  10. Breambuster, I'm fairly new to tying and very new to the forum (first post as a matter of fact). I'm looking forward to participating in some swaps to improve my skills and if there is an opening in future rounds of this series I'd appreciate the chance to get in on it!
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