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  1. I went from a Renzetti Traveler to a Peak. Both are good but the Peak is sturdier. .
  2. Xuron flat nose pliers is what I purchased shortly after posting this a while back. The flat nose is sturdy enough for 4/0 hooks and small enough for the small midges.
  3. I did an search here and googled it but only found one link with photos. Anybody have a link on how to tie this pattern?
  4. TFO BVK is a very good rod in it's price range. It's stiffness is better suited for streamer fishing than dry fly fishing.
  5. No, I haven't but Kelly Galloup has flying ant pattern, called the Ant Acid, tied with deer hair. he states it floats like a cork and the best he has used. Thanks for the replies some interesting patterns.
  6. What is your preference for productive flying ant pattern?
  7. I've heard of them but didn't know what they were. So i watched a video. Interesting. I'm trying to get the length and movement without going to an articulated fly. I'll check into them more. At the end of the video I saw the tier put a soft tube on. They might have the movement I'm looking for. Thanks
  8. Yup selling it. Too costly to buy a new cam jaw and due to tendonitis in both hands due to the type of work I do. The knob will not work for me any longer. It's a good vise somebody will be getting a deal for $90.
  9. I'm looking to convert my old Renzetti Traveler that has the small knob to a cam. But the price of the cam jaws is almost half the price of the vise. No way I'm paying that. Any alternatives anyone know of?
  10. Kelly Galloup mentions he believes the straight eye gives better action. So I decided to use the same he does.
  11. I'm trying to find some about 2" long with a ring eye (straight eye) and a dark finish. Having no luck so far.
  12. Who makes the longest streamer (straight eye) hooks and how long is it?
  13. Epilogue- I just ordered the pliers from Amazon like the one flytire posted (thanks) for $16.38, Xuron model 485FN. They seem well suited for pinching barbs at the fly tying bench. Hobby Lobby, Harbor Freight, and Cabela's did not carry models I believe were well suited for the task. I agree with some who said about hemostats being a poor choice.
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