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  1. SLAVA UKRAYINI! You beat me to it.
  2. Chester County's beautiful, was more unspoiled that Bucks or Montgomery when I lived there 30 years ago. I had a girlfriend in Chester Springs.
  3. Thanks. For my tying I rarely if ever need rotary (in fact I probably would have been fine with the Regal Medallion). My brother quipped that the Regal Revolution looks like something out of design school in Soviet Kazakhstan. PS where in SE PA are you? I'm originally from Doylestown.
  4. What aspect(s) of a Regal vise do you dislike?
  5. Purple ice dub is a PITA to dub (very coarse). Does Spectra have something in the same color that's not as coarse? I've yet to figure out why some ice dub is fine while some is coarse.
  6. Have you thought about using fluoro tippet (transparent and very durable) -- either as ribbing or to twist the feather fibers around to give them reinforcement (this is a trick I saw used for peacock herl)?
  7. I was thinking the same thing.
  8. I think this is an underutilized technique, but an easy way to mimic the natural shading of the tops of nymphs.
  9. Reminds me of this Davy Wotten pattern -- The Muddler Daddy: https://www.bigyflyco.com/muddlerdaddy-detail.htm?
  10. Sweet looking fly and nice picture. I like the way that black krystal flash looks. Would probably go well with some CDC hackle, too.
  11. I placed one order with FE about a year ago. After waiting 2 weeks with nothing showing up, I called multiple times but could not leave a voicemail (I think the mailbox was full). Then I emailed and I believe the emails bounced back. Then i did research on BBB and found a litany of complaints. So I contested the charge through my credit card. About a week later the product arrived and it was fine (this was about 3 weeks after my order was placed). The next day he called and asked me if had a problem and why I had contested the charge and if I had received the product. I explained what happened and that was that. There was no apology on his end, just a bit of indignance which was off-putting. I love browsing the feather porn on his site, but am gun shy about ever ordering from him again.
  12. I see. The hackle looked identical to the pheasant tail tail, so I assumed it was a nymph... Anyway, that's what I'm going to try -- a hackle-stacker nymph with some sort of wing case pulled over the hackle. If I do it I'll post it. Did you use a gallows tool? I don't own one, but am considering it due to the difficulty of holding the material in my hands.
  13. That's so cool. I've been meaning to try hacklestacking soft hackle on a nymph but haven't gotten around to it. Now I'm inspired. Did you have to change your technique at all vs. a dry fly?
  14. My issue with Swiss Straw is that it's so easily shredded by fish or even my hands when tying. I tried using yellow/golden swiss straw for a stonefly back and it was a mess.
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