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  1. I'm definitely not an audiophile but I'd like a decent pair of headphones in the $75 to maybe $150 range with a fairly flat response and decent comfort. I've been looking at the Audio Technica ATH M40X, Sony 7506, and the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro. I want something with a low enough impedance (less than 40 ohms) so that my phone, MP3 player, Desktop PC, etc. can drive them. What do you guys use/recommend? Thanks.
  2. I was pushing the wheel chair my wife's great aunt was in to get her to her gate. Airport security wanted to confiscate my Victorinox Swiss Army Tinker pocket knife and not give it back after I dropped her off for her flight. I wasn't flying. Ridiculous!!! A little pocket knife. I think the rules have changed since then but that was crazy.
  3. This morning I started wondering about using a seat to raise me up a bit. I think both of you have good ideas. I'll work from that angle. Thanks guys!
  4. An 8" bluegill but not on the fly rod unfortunately. I think my main problem with the Jon boat is the lack of flexibility in my hip joints. I had absolutely no issues 2 seasons ago but now they're too tight so I'll have to do some stretching to see if that loosens them up again. Simply sitting on the seat is literally a pain because it's so low to the floor of the boat. I'll get there!
  5. Almost a total failure but I did catch 1 fish. I'll try the boat again in another month. Until then I'll fish from the bank while sitting in a chair using a spinning outfit. Now a bass boat with higher seating would have worked great but I don't have access to one. It's a good thing you guys talked me out of a kayak a while back. Sitting in a chair on a dock with no one around would work better for fly fishing. It was worth a try ... sort of.
  6. Feeling recovered from my surgery enough to try some time on the pond this afternoon for the first time this year to see how it goes. Didn't fish even once last year. Pressure washed the Jon boat Friday night then got it down to the pond yesterday. Pushed it through the cattails enough so I can slide it onto the water. I'm taking my better fly fishing outfit for panfish and my heavier (but not very heavy) spinning outfit to try to catch some channel catfish. I'm psyched! Wish me luck.
  7. For me it only works on Search results. I use Mozilla Firefox. Which browsers are you guys using and say if it works or doesn't work. There may be a common thread among browsers.
  8. DWSmith

    Bad bear

    I'm really enjoying this thread. No alligators here to worry about. Just a few cougars. Black bears have been reported but I haven't seen any yet. Oh, and rattlesnakes. Good times! 👍
  9. Geez! I can't believe I just ran across this thread. That is a really good idea! Very nice.
  10. I tied a couple of Gill getters yesterday. These legs made the flies look terrible to me but I'm getting practice. That's the main thing. And if they catch fish, which I think they will, that's a bonus. I'll soon get the Hareline legs I mentioned and things will be fine.
  11. So from FTD this is par for the course it sounds like. I'll try the hot water suggestion but I'm not expecting much. Thanks everyone! And thanks for the tip on the Hareline legs Norm!
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