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  1. You know?, looking quickly right now through his book and thinking back to many of his masterful creations, his holiday commemorative flies just for example, his ability to get so much material so well onto a hook, causes me to ponder that anyone who criticize possibly was envious of his craftsmanship. I remember a Christmas season group he tied with masses of "floofy" vivid reds and whites with hints of holly greens. Nothing like any fly icon seen in the fly bibles but stunning on its own. I guess I need remind myself that art resideth in the eye of the beholder. Salar and you others, thanks for conversing with me about this. alf in Iowa
  2. Hmm, "unpleasantry". Thankfully that must have taken place while the forum membership department had me placed on wrong-password status. I love gossip so I'd be open to hearing about that. . .
  3. Well it appears I've found him but as yet he hasn't found me. I found his page on F/B and sent him a message but it doesn't seem that he has seen it so far. I'm not a F/B "befriender" and anyway, he has 4 digits worth of friends: I'd be just one more to get lost in the real world. Thanks for asking. I think it's too bad he didn't transition over to here. The guy's an artist and he has the gift of being able to write up his creations. Not every talented tyer has that writing talent.
  4. That does work in bringing up the old forum and ending sometime last year. It does not show the photos and requires the old "membership" to see the files/piccys. In my case as I mentioned in my posting, my membership was one of those that got made into hair-off-the-floor dubbing and there is no password that can cure that. Accordingly, I'm able to read the text of the postings and threads but not see the pics. As interesting as you guys are to read, and I do read indeed and I am enjoying and learning from the current forum pics, I am disappointed that apparently Geert is not posting to the current forum. Flytire, thanks for responding, Alf in Iowa
  5. George, thank you. I'll go looking for him on f/b and hopefully he's as active posting his art there as he used to be on (the old) here. And since I'm here, here's a pic of my current project. I'm trying to learn what I can or can not make look good on #14 double Partridge Patriots. It's a version of throwing everything to see what sticks. The next group will use the idea of the red one (rt. col., 2nd from top) but I will attempt making the wings shorter. Now, if I can ever manage to make 7/16"long bronze mallard Spey wings . . . Thanks again for the reply, Alf in Iowa
  6. Gents, as a guy who dresses flies only as art, I miss seeing the work of that Belgian guy, Geert Werbrouk. Back before my forum subscription got somehow run thru a dubbing grinder I really enjoyed his work. Do any of you have any idea where or even _if_ he might be posting his fly creations? Thanks, alf in Iowa
  7. Your whole response is well thought out and courteously presented, thanks. You did pretty well sum me up there about the "it's good enough". I might sometime say about one of my flies, "this is as good as I can make" but I just can't lower myself to ever say "this is good enough". Heck, if even a beer bottle cap bent like a clam shell and with a hook attached will catch big northerns, - certainly "good enough" - then why bother at all to tie a fly? Much less brag it up by making and posting a vid and then depreciating the fly's" worth" by telling the audience it's only just "good enough"?
  8. Oh I'm sorry; I ought have mentioned I'm an artist, not a fisherman.
  9. Folks, those words spoil it for me in salmon fly YouTube vids. Am I the only one? If there are any vids intended to demonstrate the more artistic aspects of Spey and Dee dressing, without cheats and shortcuts, I haven't found them. Alf in Iowa
  10. Is by chance a rebirth of the old forum that the Belgian guy (gewe maybe?) used to post such neat stuff? Somehow that server "killed" my registration and I never was able to get back on come he'll or high water. Could an admin tell me the approx startup date of this forum? Thanks alf in Iowa
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