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  1. Beautiful fly, @SalarMan! What is the R.B.M. series? I found Hale's book, but it just references the series and doesn't explain what it is. What material did you use for the body? Looks incredible. Golden pheasant on top, is the bottom strip of the wing turkey? Love the turkey underwing.
  2. Thanks @Sandan It's been a lot of fun learning a new style of tying, but has certainly presented numerous challenges I had not been expecting. I appreciate your compliment.
  3. Thanks for the responses, I really appreciate it! @SalarMan Thank you for the critique. The hook is a 3/0 Partridge CS26. I have looked for blind-eye hooks but honestly haven't come across many, and even fewer with price tags I could afford. Suggestions would be very welcome. Besides the CS26, I have mostly up-eyed hooks like Mustad SL73, Gamakatsu T10-6H, and recently picked up some Alec Jacksons. I've watched some videos of tiers/tyers making gut loops or improvising gut loops, and it looks like another interesting challenge. I had been focusing more on the tying aspect, although understandably, the hook certainly impacts the aesthetics of the finished fly. The wings, unsurprisingly, have been my most constant challenge tying these flies. I haven't been able to consistently secure the wings with the shape, length, and angle I intended. Progress, not perfection. Question for the group: where do you get your turkey feathers for wings? You're the first group I've had the chance to ask. Thanks again!
  4. Greetings! I'm relatively new to tying salmon flies, got started about a year ago after reading The Feather Thief. I'd grown up tying trout flies and thought salmon flies would be a fun challenge. "C'mon, can't be that hard, right??" Oh how wrong I was. I'd been reading this site and found that people were kind enough to offer critiques when asked. I would appreciate any feedback on my work I attached. It's called The Lizzy, which was in Kelson's The Salmon Fly. Recipe as follows: Tag: Silver twist Tail: A topping Body: Green, yellow, violet, and crimson seal Ribs: Silver tinsel (oval) Hackle: Blue from yellow fur Wings: Tippet strands; gallina, swan dyed light blue, yellow and crimson, mallard, and a topping I forgot the horns and didn't realize it until too late. Still kicking myself for that. Maybe I should staple the macaw feathers to my forehead so I don't forget next time! Thanks in advance for critiques, feedback, and suggestions!
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