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  1. i decided to buy a Renzetti Presentation vice (and a couple of other tools that weren't in the kit). it cost enough, i hope i like it
  2. Wapsi Super Deluxe Fly Tying Starter Kit $179 with it comes an hour free tying lesson and a discount on fly fishing outing
  3. where can i go online to buy different pieces of equipment, like better scissor (sssh, i borrowed the girl friend's eye lash scissors) a better vice and supplies? i hate to buy online but it's an hour half to the fly shop. some things i can go without till the next time i drive down but somethings would be nice to have now
  4. thanks guys for all your wise words of advice! today i drove the hour and a half to my "not so local" fly hop, WOW was it cool! wall to wall fly fishing and fly tying stuff. i met Randy, an elderly gentleman and we talked for a while about who i was, and what i hoped to get out of the hobby. after that he pulled out a kit and said he thinks this would be a good place to start. i voiced my reservations about buying a kit, but he assured me it was the fastest and cheapest way to get started and that what was in the kit was not junk. most of the tools in the kit were ok, nothing special, but as he said, not junk either. i'll probably be upgrading some of them as i go, especially the scissors, those were dull. i also had to buy the vise a base plate because i don't have a table edge to screw it on to. the kit did come with a plethora of supplies to tie all sorts of flys, and i would guess more than 100 hooks. it also came with a DVD on the basics, and step by step of how to tie 16 different flys in increasing order of difficulty, i've already tied the first two. Randy also said that i can come back after i've tied a few and get a free (otherwise $45) lesson, and he gave me a discount card on going out with the outfitters associate with his shop for a trout fishing expedition with my own gear (or theirs, whatever equipment i don't have). so although the kit and base plate were expensive, i think the day was a plus. Todd
  5. thanks for your help!!! i'm not really tying for a particular fish species although i do have access to some small rainbow trout here in North Alabama's Sipsey river. i'm more planning to tye just for the joy of tying (i need a relaxing hobby). i do have a fly shop about an hour and a half drive, so i'll go say hello to them tomorrow.
  6. hi guys, i'm a total beginner in fact i don't yet have any materials or tools, and that's why i'm writing. i think i would like to buy a starter kit, but i'm not sure what to buy and i don't want to buy junk or get taken advantage of, so that's why i've started this thread. i do see on Amazon a kit by Ventures Fly Co. for about $350. that would be near the limit of what i'm willing to pay. is that a good deal, or a piece of junk, and do you know of a better kit for that kind of money. i think my only constraint is that i need a vise that sits on a platform not one that screws onto a table as a vise. thanks for whatever help your willing/able to give
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