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  1. Schweibert opened "Nymphs" reminiscing his experience fishing Germany in the 50's, but I think on the opposite side of the country as where you'll be: "The Lauterach is a classic little river. It's winding meadows and willow-lined pools were the laboratory where I first learned to fish nymphs well."
  2. Oh those are both great. Was the visible your variation? Looks like a secret agent
  3. Oh man, now I need to go to Nova Scotia. Great stuff
  4. Here are two... Theodore Gordon to GEM Skues, Feb 18, 1909: " A brown, mottled partridge hackle on a light bluish dun body, ribbed with fine silver twist was quite killing.” And another Gordon to Skues March 10, 1912: “a very small fly with mouse colored body and gray partridge hackle that killed well on slow streams, fished wet.” Found here: http://softhacklepatternbook.blogspot.com/2015/05/gordon-hackle.html
  5. Oh, and Schweibert has a nice chapter on the history of American nymph fishing. Let me know if you want it (7 pages) and pm me your address, I'm happy to send it.
  6. A well used cape!. I'm moving from green to tan myself.
  7. The forum is "powered by Invision Community," here's the website: https://invisioncommunity.com/features/forums/ Looks like it's their vanilla forum product. I hope Will does address this, it's a good forum.
  8. Trying out my black Friday purchase -- a clip-on ring-shaped Ott Lite ($16 after 60% BF discount). Still getting used to it, but I do like it.
  9. Nice !! Flymph - Leisenring/ Hidy 1941 (name coined later by Hidy) Nymphs -Schweibert 1976 (go Darrell) Deep sparkle caddis & sparkle caddis emerger - LaFontaine 1979
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