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  1. @Moshup -- I used too much shorthand... Is that Canadian goose tail feather you use for the body of the fly?
  2. Tail? Been stranded from my vise for way too long... Fingers itching... Might have to buy a travel kit
  3. Careful, the computer age is very harsh with the past... Silver is talking only about data transfer (I think... yes, Silver?)... Your windows apps won't work on the Mac. (I'm nearly 100% certain) You'll need to buy apple versions of the windows apps, which may or may not exist. You might be able to run an old windows operating system on your Mac, as a separate operating system, but that's a trick at the outer edges of my own computer know-how "atmosphere", so not sure at all, but maybe worth looking into at the "genius bar."
  4. Oh, man! I saw you posted and thought, isn't it around that time Denduke's going to Alaska?... Sure is! Nice fish
  5. On postage costs I'm still able to ship a 4 oz package first class USPS 1-3 days (plus any added DeJoy time) for about $3.50 on pirateship.com. (retail $4.30)
  6. Nice. Don't forget nymphs before the hatch.... Schweibert has this for the doddsi nymph Hook - 1xl #12-14 Thread - dark brown Tails - dark brown mottled pheasant fibers (body length) Body - dark brownish gray dubbing ribbed with dusty brown dubbing over ruby silk Gills - dark olive grayish Marabou fibers secured with fine gold wire Thorax - dark brownish gray dubbing on olive silk Wing cases - dark brownish gray with a pale median quill tied down over the thorax Legs - dark brown partridge dyed olive Head - thread (That's a mouthful...) Fished deep to mid level starting a few hours before the hatch. Add a duck or starling down wing (wet fly style) for the last foot or so before the emergers reach the surface. I'm dealing with family issues at the moment, so forgive my vicarious enjoyment of your hatch...
  7. amazing what a great chef can do with a simple recipe. Outstanding tie as always
  8. Love it. If you add a little silver tag at the back, that royal attractor will look like it sh1ts diamonds
  9. 😩 Just went to watch it and Netflix only has Season 6 😞
  10. 👍 Closest I ever got to Forged in Fire was one semester of high school metal shop, around 1979 or 1980... Burnt a Bialetti on the gas top stove really bad once back in the day... Looking forward
  11. Hey Mark, I see they've now got Forged in Fire on Netflix.... What was your season / episode? What a kick that will be to watch
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