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  1. 😁 With any luck I'll run across some nutria to return the favor.
  2. Saw that post and thought of this, you beat me to it! My version of that here in New Orleans is crows dropping chicken bones and crawfish shells into the yard. My dog appreciates it plenty, me not so much.
  3. Wow. Just wow. But it's overkill for what the op's looking for,.
  4. I've found that traditional hackled dries are not nearly as good for these hatches as the alternatives. You can fill a nice fly box for those tailwater / spring creek bugs with rs2's, comparaduns, sparkle duns, hanging midges, and zebra midges, all without buying a single piece of rooster hackle. Rs2: https://flyfishingthesierra.com/rs2.htm Compara- & sparkle duns: https://flyfishingthesierra.com/spardun.htm Hanging midges: https://flyfishingthesierra.com/chrionsus.htm Zebra type midges https://flyfishingthesierra.com/zebra_midge.htm That site also has sections specific to bwo and pmd dries and nymphs for life cycle type tying. Little Griffith's Gnats do work great on midges, but the size is not so demanding. Maybe a single 20 or maybe 22 whiting grizzly hundred pack. If you do go the hackle route, in those small sizes you'll want to use Whiting, and you'll want to be very sure of what you need and what you are actually getting. 100 packs are not a bad option to avoid beginner purchase errors if you do go the hackle route. For larger attractors go with capes or half capes, probably grizzly and brown. Whiting's intro pack with grizzly, brown, dun, and either light ginger, cream, or black is a decent option. Those will also get you a decent number of the little hackles in the colors you need for pmd's and bwo's and Griffith's, maybe even other small hackled midges.
  5. Whoa buddy. I guess we almost lost you. Looking forward to seeing you back on your feet
  6. Looks like Charles Cotton ripped off the Griffith's Gnat. 😉
  7. California Golden Stocked West Virginia "Golden Rainbow" It's a hybrid they created by accident when a wild golden snuck its way into a batch of rainbows gifted to WV for breeding. They thought the wild golden was some kind of runt, and it ended up getting mixed in genetically with the rainbows. Edit: hadn't seen the prior posts about the PA golden. Looks like a cross between a golden and a rainbow, anyway.
  8. anarcho-capitalism with a dash of false nostalgia
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