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  1. Howdy Mark, The folks i get to row with are whitewater guides & don't know that any of them fly fish. I get an Idaho license every year, so i guess i'll bring the kit & see what happens. Fairbanks, huh? My daughter lives in Palmer..... Will keep it safe & hope your season goes well.
  2. Howdy Darrell P, The qiviut doesn't seem to have any oil, or at least not like sheep wool/ doesn't leave oil on the fingers. It is very light, fine, has no discernable scent & it's softness is remarkable. Looking forward to getting into it soon.
  3. Got an invite to row the lower salmon early in September. I've rowed & fly fished the Middle fork a # of times, but not the lower. Is it worth it to bring a rod at that time of the year?
  4. Thanks for the get back- looking forward to getting into it soon, maybe some drys & or emergers.....
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome. Looking forward to lurking & maybe even adding some questions & comments.
  6. I collected a large amount of musk ox quivit on a recent trip in the arctic. My wife knitted an warm hat & there's a good amount left over. Anyone have experience tying with this material? Any tips appreciated.
  7. Just got a batch of Mustad nymph hooks. Wasn't lucky enough to get a wide gapped v bender- maybe next time....
  8. Splitting time between Utah & "Wydaho." Fly fished w/ my dad & his friends as a kid in Vermont in the 60's & 70's. Developed a lifelong passion for the sport. Interested in walking, floating, travel & tying (noob in this department). Curious about this forum.
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