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  1. Interesting, I bought 2 Fulling Mill bucktails from a store nearby and thought they were quite nice. Yea a little pricey but, the amount of hair on the tails was amazing. I'll probably get dozens and dozens of clousers and deceivers out of these. I bought a white and a fl.chartreuse. I'll agree that they're definitely not like bucktails were say... 10 15 years ago but, I know things change with supply from time to time.
  2. Thanks! I used to live quite close to Rte 81. very close to Rte 99 now.
  3. Avid tyer and angler since an early age, 10 I believe. Greetings from Central Pennsylvania! One thing - I've having issues selecting pages to view within threads on this forum. Is it just me?
  4. Davie McPhail for sure. Great all-around tyer. He's the type of person that can look at a fly, decipher it and translate it to the vise.
  5. Fun fact: Tiemco is NOT a hook manufacturer. Never have been. It's just a brand. Most TMC hooks are made by Maruto.
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