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  1. heres 2 bugs that the 12 inch spec i got today was full of?? the May flys are coming out now but what are these? http://novascotiafishing.com/member/fishlo...425163725_3.png
  2. Does any tie mouse flys? i tryed to tie one last night, turned out "ok" ill post pics of it tonight!
  3. lol true! Im glad to be back!!!! im hopin to go back on the river with the fly rod and spinning rod this saturday, i have a archery shoot on sunday so i cant go sunday, im gonna try streamers, i heard they work good! ill throw some other random flys out there aswell, whats a good fly for Rain Bow trout? my uncle has offerd me his canoe so i think me and my buddy might take the canoe out on the lake for some rain bows... i wonna use my fly rod this year as much as i can.. i wonna catch a fish with some size to it on my fly rod lol i also got 2 nice sucker fish on worms this year, both around 15 inches long!
  4. hey guys i havent been on this site sence last fall lol, hows everyone been, fishin season is started!!! havent took the fly rod out yet, i have got a few nice trout tho, seen a HUGE browntrout it was a easy 20incher... but it wouldnt take my worm heres a pic of a nice 10 inch brookie i got on a #2 Silver Panther Martin! my biggest spec to date!
  5. oops, i guess we have to post one b-days, lol i posted on in the fly tying forum, if someone could delete it that would be great! Happy Birthday art! What ya doin on your birthday buddy? I gotta go to school, but its what i'm doin friday that will be like a birthday party for me! hehe Have a good one buddy!
  6. Happy birthday Artimus, its awesome we have the same bday! how old are ya gonna be today? i'll be 15! Have a good one buddy!
  7. lol, yea, i was scared your flys would come apart or get lost.... your flys where awesome! Nice Tying everyone!
  8. wicked!, was a good swap guys! Thibodeau this swap is over man, sorry, there is more swaps going, just keep looking you'll find one! Has anyone else got theres yet?
  9. yea, really sorry about the long delay, bt i put them in the mail yesterday, let us know when u receive them guys!
  10. I AM REALLY SORRY FOR THE DELAY!!!!!!!! I hope u can all forgive me... the flys are all packaged and ready to go, i am putting them in the mail tomorrow before school... I am extremely sorry about this guys
  11. Art i think its urs man, i found the package it cam in and the package to send it back lol, please tell me if there urs, and i will send them out!
  12. the flys are like a purble tint, the only fly that had any purble in it so. but i gtg, just got home from the Bow Hunting Course!!! I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I have yet to send them out so much homework and such in grade 9 lol, but ther are all packaged and ready to go, except for one, the flys came in a blue altoids(sp) can, i cant seem to find the package it came in, i have lots package things so if who ever sent the flys in the blue jar email me at [email protected] please Thanks! Sorry about this guys lol Vices u didnt make my swap a pain lol, this is my second fly swap, and u did just fine man!
  14. i have gotten your flys tightlines! I am really busy guys, but i will have the flys set out by monday or tuesday of next week!!!
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