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  1. Thanks for the info NMflyguy, just got back from Slovenia, had some good fishing, but he water was high for the time of year, snowed in the mountains and ran off into the rivers, Soca fished poor because of the color of the river in the afternoon due to snow melt. Caught some nice trout and grayling in the Sava bohinka. When I have time in the week i will post a topic in the destinations section. Here is a pic of the Soca River. Temno
  2. My brother goes duck shooting, get lots of em in zip bags, the tie uses two feathers back to back, they do not have to match in size, I hope the fish can't measure it Will take some photos. We shall be fishing this section of the sava above Log next week. Temno
  3. The fly looks a good one, a bit of shagginess makes the fly float a bit better and the fish bite better I think. Temno
  4. I use a red fox squirell hide for mine. They sell them in the uk and the fur on the back is the same as on a hares mask. Partrdge sell a porcelain dubbing rake, which you just run along the back and get loads of hares ear dubbing substitute. looks and fells the same. Temno
  5. Rooster feathers have a natural bend and float, a suggeston might be to tie in one of these and work the dubbing up the stem of the feather. The stem would be the thich base of the feather stripped away.
  6. Sorry for the delay in posting a reply. This next week I shall be fishing in Slovenia and test them out on various river sytems. I will let the forum know how good or bad they were with hopefully some fishy pics to display as well. In Wales they work quite well as we have a lot of beatis nymphs hatching this time of year, you can of course alter the colors of the body to suit your hatch on your lake or stream. Temno
  7. Does anyone know how to repair the low-profile retractors conveniently hidden in side sleeve pocket on this chest pack. They have come apart at the bottom, which attaches the snips etc. I have tried to fuse them together with a cigarette lighter, but this just burns my fingers Can any one help me please. Temno.
  8. Thankfully we have nothing that nasty looking over here in the UK, my wife would die all those bugs in her hair, there's a thought Are they edible? Strange question, but you can eat grasshoppers and the like. Wish we did have them over here on the rivers, they must be protein rich for the fish, do they hatch out of the water or are they land based insects? They are great pics by the way, what camera did you use? Temno.
  9. Hello and welcome. I fished the Green with a fella called Andy Kim, when he lived out the back of his van, have a go at his Yong Specials for midge fishing. Truly amazing fish catching flies on the Green. http://www.flyfisherman.com/rmwest/rpmidges/ I stayed at rock springs and drove to Dutch John, is there anywhere nearer that his quite cheap to stay nearer the river? Temno
  10. Going to tie some up in different colours for my trip to Slovenia, they look quick to tie, and I have bought loads of poly yarn to tie Gary Lafontaine emergent sparkle pupas. A great fly tyer. God bless him.
  11. Or medium ribbing, depends on the size of the fly. Welcome, I have not been here long myself, still finding my way around, but like what I see allready.
  12. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by temno pivo: Upside-down Mayfly
  13. You can also get the video to go with the book, I find this method of communication helps by watching people who tie the flies. The tier might do a technique that not is not explained in the book. http://www.jackdennis.com/jdtapes3.htm A good example is in the CD ROM "The Art Of Fly Tying", the instructor who ties the wing for the Elk Hair Caddis or Troth caddiss, wraps a loop of thread around the wing then around the hook shank to stop the spinning of the helk hair around the hook shank. The method makes tying hair wing flies a snip.
  14. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by temno pivo: Cdc Winged Olive
  15. Hello all to all the folks out there, I am from Wales (UK). New to forums afraid to say, but here goes lets get me feet wet. I love fly fishing and travelling all over with my fly rod in tow. I have just bought a new Orvis safe passage anglers pack to help with my hiking into strange far off places, to carry all my unnecessary gear. I like to fish lite, so why have I bought it who knows? Temno
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