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  1. The saltydog, You could have a pom pom on your hat if I could knit.
  2. Here is a pic, didn't have a scud hook so I used a #10 XL, straight eye, dry fly. Was going to try it out at lunch today but didn't get a chance maybe tomorrow.
  3. Tied up a few San Jauns last night I'll have to get some pics up later.
  4. Was with the wife in a store last night, came across some potential tying materials. It was on sale $1.50 a roll. Lion® Suede Yarn Article # 210 A luxuriously soft yarn with the look and feel of suede. Perfect for knit or crocheted garments, accessories and home fashions – or just for adding a fringe or edging. Lion Suede is machine washable and is available in 23 richly elegant colors. I got the Canyon Print, thought it would make a nice looking Grand River Crawler, San Juan Worm, or Earth Worm.. All are in the database here. Here is a pic of the yarn Anyone use this type of yarn?
  5. The fly workes great, caught a few small bluegill, a couple small LG bass, then noticed I had a knot in my tippit but decided to keep fishing since all the fish were small. Then about 1 or 1 1/2 pound bass took the fly. Tippit broke at the knot. I have to tie some more of these. They work great and act like a small frog on top of the water.
  6. In the Autumn 2008 Fly Tyer Mag, pg 18 and 19. I saw a fly that I thought would work great for Bluegill. Me being a beginner, it looked like something I could do... I found some 2mm glitter foam, turned out pretty good. I'll have to try it out tomorrow... The next few should be alot better.
  7. Turns out my email was answered first things this morning, He was out of the office at the time but forwarded it to the office and it is in the mail today. Out of the office and still cunducting business that outstanding.
  8. I received my order today from them..Fast!! It is short one item, mistakes are made though. I sent them an email being they were closed by the time I got home and opened my package. Still I'm very pleased with there service.
  9. Let me say J. Stockard is awesome to deal with! I'm a newbie to Fly Tying, earlier I picked a pattern (Black stonefly nymph) out of my new book "The Benchside Introduction to Fly Tying". I went to J. Stockard, not knowing where to order from, they sponsor this site and it is great so they must be great! I went down the list of materials need to tie the pattern and placed it in my cart, checked out, and got $5.00 off for become a member! Free shipping plus a nickle off the order! I printed out my reciept and was double checking what I order against the pattern, this was about 45 mins after I placed the order. Opps I forgot something, dubbing black, so I then thought maybe if I call they will add it to my order, so I called, I got the dubbing added (less than 2 mins) and the order is going out today! They will always have my business!!
  10. Well that link is about all a person needs!!!! I will have to find a different use for my site space! Thanks for the link
  11. Hello all, I'm just beginning my hobby/addiction also, I have begun putting together a list of links and resources. I have put the FAOL guide for beginning fly tying section of their site into a PDF, it is 203 pages and about 7MB. I will update the site as I go with info or if anyone has a link they think should be there just let me know. http://onemississipp.googlepages.com/home
  12. I've been reading through all the post, but I'm still undecided on a book. I saw some people thought the FAOL guide should be a book, so I put the beginners section in a pdf for everyone. http://onemississipp.googlepages.com/flyan..._beginners_.pdf *right click_save target as* Thanks
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